7 Hot Dress Styles Coming This Fall and Winter 

As the weather starts to get colder this year, we see more and more effort to look our best. It is easy to reach for the classic, go-to hoodie, but sometimes it’s best to dress it up. Literally. Don’t let the cold discourage you from opting for a fun, flirty dress this fall! Let’s dive in and see what styles are going to be popular this year as we transition out of the heat of summer and into the cozy fall season of 2022. 

#1 Slip Dresses

Although we have seen slip dresses recently, layering is really where this style shines. The silhouette-hugging nature of this dress makes adding a chunky sweater or a puffer coat easier than ever. Silk slips are some of the most common styles, but patterns and lightweight cotton can also be a fun addition to your wardrobe. 

The best part about the slip dress is how delicate and effortless it seems. This can be a refreshing change of pace from the typical heavy materials that we all tend to gravitate more towards in the fall. Pair this style with any choice of shoes whether it’s a chunky leather boot, leather sandal, or dainty kitten heel.

#2 Eyelets

Who said lace was just for summer? Eyelets, especially white eyelets, provide another great way to add lightness to your fall wardrobe. This fabric on a dress is the perfect way to emulate the classic sun dress, even when it may not be that sunny outside. Delicate embroidery on a lightweight fabric is yet another style that can easily be layered and accessorized to create the perfect, balanced outfit. This style is best matched with a knit cardigan or sweater and can be dressed down with a pair of sneakers or elevated with a strappy heel.

#3 Midi Dress

For the ultimate, comfort cut, always opt for a midi-length dress. There is nothing more convenient than this style while on the go. Some of the major benefits include coverage to eliminate fidgeting and a flattering length to make you look longer. 

The versatile nature of this cut can be worn in almost any setting. Depending on the color, pattern, or sleeve length, a good midi dress can be one of your most reliable wardrobe staples. It may be best to get one solid-colored midi dress with smocking or tiered seaming, and one patterned midi dress that can stand on its own. 

#4 Sweatshirt Dress

If you really prioritize comfort, the sweatshirt dress is the style for you. It is safe to say that the sweatsuit trend is not going anywhere (thanks to our new work-from-home culture), so the sweatshirt dress is more than fashionably acceptable. There is no better excuse to wear a sweatshirt on a regular basis than to mask extreme comfort with a skirt-length hem. Maybe the best part of this dress is that it looks best with a fresh pair of sneakers. It does not get more low maintenance than this, yet it still looks fantastic.

#5 Puff Sleeves

One of the most fun trends that has found its way into all of our closets this year is the puff sleeve. This style of dress almost feels pre-accessorized because you do not need to add much to make this look pop. There are so many different options when it comes to picking one of these dresses in case you want to go more subtle or maybe make a statement.

To really give this dress a fall vibe, opt for a more natural, earthy color to offset the baby-doll cut of the neck line. This look will never fail to boost your mood!

#6 Linen

A relatively new style that has been seen more and more lately is effortless linen apparel. Nothing says laid back more than a minimalist linen shift dress. Tap in to your inner California winter girl and rock this look with ease. The simplistic nature of this dress looks and feels fresh anytime of year, but this fall, ‘clean girl aesthetic’ is in full swing. 

Something about this fabric feels expensive, even though there are a lot of really affordable styles out there. If white doesn’t feel fall enough for you, try a neutral beige or brown to bring out those warmer tones. 

#7 Shirt Dress

Maybe this is not the newest dress trend, but it is definitely more applicable than ever. The shirt dress is a timeless look that is not leaving anyone’s capsule wardrobe anytime soon. The updated shirt dress styles are a bit more oversized and have an edgier feel. Just like a lot of other styles on this list, the shirt dress can be used to look professional and put-together or lived-in and casual. The options are truly endless, and remember to have fun styling this with belts, chunky jewelry, or even a statement jacket.

Don’t let the cold keep you from looking your best! Play around with these dress styles and have fun creating a wardrobe that’s uniquely you!