8 Cute But Cozy Outfit Ideas for People Who Are Constantly Cold

Many fashion enthusiasts understand the importance of dressing in accordance with the season and its temperatures. After all, the best closet pieces are not only stylish, but also functional. For example, during sweltering summers, it’s best to wear lighter fabrics with shorter cuts. During colder months, clothes with thicker fabrics and better coverage are necessary. 

However, everyone is built differently. Sometimes, wearing season-appropriate clothing isn’t enough to keep comfortable. There are a number of people who are naturally sensitive to the cold. This means that they often feel chilly, even in warmer seasons. If you fit this description, then it may be time to revamp your daily wardrobe. You can do this by dressing in layers and choosing the right clothing pieces. 

Achieving a Perfectly Balanced Outfit

Layering your clothing will make it easier to adapt to most temperatures. You can simply add or remove layers as needed, depending on how cold or hot you feel. For instance, if your workplace tends to set the air conditioning at a low thermostat, try pairing a t-shirt with a light cardigan. If you step outside and find that it’s hot, all you need to do is take off the cardigan. 

How you wear your clothes is an essential part of creating a balanced outfit, but what you wear is just as significant. Hence, it’s best to choose garments that’ll keep you toasty without being stifling. By doing so, you can proceed with your day without having to deal with discomfort.

If you need some help selecting the right clothing pieces for your wardrobe, below are eight outfit ideas that’ll help you look fashionable and stay cozy all day long: 

Put on Some Corduroy Leggings

Leggings are some of the most versatile fashion staples out there. Their stretchable and lightweight fabrics make them comfortable pieces that can be worn in almost any season. Plus, they come in a variety of designs and colors, which means they can be worn with nearly everything. However, if you’re sensitive to the cold, it’s best to avoid cotton or nylon leggings, as their fabrics tend to be quite thin. Try to buy corduroy leggings instead, as they’re thicker but just as comfy. Pair your leggings with a graphic t-shirt for a casual day out, or dress it up with a white button-down. 

Stay Cool with Culottes

If you’re looking for more trendy bottoms, try purchasing a pair of culottes. They’re trousers that are immensely popular in the fashion world and for good reason. Their cropped cut and loose fit can keep your legs cool on warm days. However, they’re just long enough to provide enough coverage when it gets chilly, making them the perfect “in-between” pants. Wear your culottes with a light sweater and pointed-toe heels for an instant look of sophistication. 

Incorporate Denim into Your Outfit

Denim is an iconic fabric that will never go out of style. It’s easy to maintain, looks amazing with nearly any outfit, and lasts for years. Plus, garments made from this material are perfect for every season. If you need a versatile outfit to keep you warm and cozy, it’s worth investing in some nice denim.

Keeping this in mind, below are two pieces that you should definitely consider including in your wardrobe:

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a great pair of bottoms to incorporate into your ensemble. They’ve got good coverage, which will definitely keep you insulated. However, their loose fit also gives your legs enough room to breathe when temperatures get warmer. You can also cuff the hems if you need to feel the breeze on your skin. Match your jeans with a plain white shirt and sneakers, or add some glam with a halter top, oversized cardigan, and pumps. 

Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a beloved outerwear due to its timelessness and versatility. It’s got just the right amount of thickness to keep you warm in chilly temperatures without being bulky. Since it’s made from denim, you can get it in different washes, from darker blues to lighter ones. Pair your jacket with a shirt and jeans for a cool denim-on-denim look, or throw one over your little black dress during a night out with friends. 

Trade Your Shirt for a Light Sweater

If you’re already feeling cold at the start of the day, switch out your usual t-shirt with a light sweater. It provides you with enough coverage yet doesn’t feel too stuffy. Wear your sweater with a leather skirt and booties for a playful look, or keep things simple with a nice pair of jeans and slip-sandals. 

Flaunt Your Style with a Sophisticated Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit will not only keep you warm in style, but also makes getting dressed a breeze. Since it’s both a top and bottom, it doesn’t take much to complete your ensemble and makes ita perfect choice for busy days. Chilly temperatures are no match for this outfit, as its long pant legs provide maximum coverage wherever you go. If you need some extra warmth, simply throw on some outerwear and you’re good to go. For a formal look, wear a sharp blazer with your jumpsuit. If you need to add a little more panache, you can also drape a moto jacket over your shoulders. 

Wear Maxi Dresses

Need another easy and cozy outfit for the cold? Try adding a maxi dress to your wardrobe. Like jumpsuits, maxi dresses are all-in-one outfits. Their skirts feel light and breezy, but are still long enough to keep your legs warm. Plus, these dresses come in a variety of styles, so you can choose one with a design that’s perfect for you. For example, you can pick a dress with long sleeves and a high neckline if you want more coverage. Even if you have a dress with thin straps, you can easily layer your outfit with a denim jacket or cardigan. 

Throw on an Oversized Sweater

An oversized sweater is also an amazing outerwear piece due to its flexibility and portability. Just carry one in your bag and slip it on whenever you start to feel chilly. It’s also an instant outfit enhancer thanks to its effortlessly cute and casual look. Wear it with well-fitted bottoms like skinny jeans, dress slacks, and leggings. You can also style it with a nice midi or maxi skirt for a flirty look. A very long sweater can even be turned into a dress. Just cinch it at the waist with a wide belt, then pull up a bit of the fabric to let the top portion hang loose. Pair your oversized sweater dress with some over-the-knee boots for extra warmth during colder months. 

Rock a Bomber Jacket

Another quintessential piece of outerwear to add to your collection is the bomber jacket. Whether it’s made from leather or synthetic materials, this handy piece will surely keep you toasty when you need it. Pair your jacket with a maxi dress or wear it with a collared shirt, jeans, and heels. If you’re not feeling too cold but still want to be prepared, you can also tie your jacket around your waist for later—a styling choice that’s not only functional, but highly chic. 

Being sensitive to colder temperatures doesn’t have to limit your fashion choices. While some people may think that you need to choose between comfort and style, it’s possible to enjoy having both. With the outfits mentioned above, you can prepare for the cold at a moment’s notice and stay fashionable throughout your daily activities. 

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.