How to Style Your Vintage Clothes for Spring

The long and rainy winter is about to end, and we can’t wait to wear those colourful clothes that are waiting in our wardrobe, those that match the start of more sunlight and meeting outdoors. For a season where weather may change every hour, we need to count on those versatile clothes that will help us on any occasion, such as the classic Harringtons or the bombers. That’s why we should always check retro style clothing, since it might give us some ideas for the new season.

Even though we’re talking about vintage clothing, we still can meet the trends that will take place this spring, following colours and styles that come directly from the runways but mixed with the unique style that vintage clothing gives us.

Starting from the basics, the colours, we can tell that this spring we will be seeing earthy tones such as brown and beige, cerulean blue, raspberry or tangerine. Without a doubt, light colours for a well-deserved bright season.

And what’s best to match the season where flowers start to blossom than a floral patterned shirt? They usually have a mixture of colours; it’s easy to match them with other unicolour pieces. Otherwise, if you think that these patterns aren’t your style, you can always choose a shirt with a check pattern in light pinks or blues. Moreover, for trousers, we need to think about a piece of clothing that can perfectly match our shirts and shoes, and here is where earthy tones can be helpful. They are usually a good match with a wide diversity of colours. And if you choose mid-waist, cropped or sta press trousers, they will be a great addition to your wardrobe since they are versatile and comfortable.

And the main character of the season, the jacket. We need a versatile jacket ready for anything: a slight rain, colder weather, or warmer temperatures during the afternoon. The choice might be difficult, but choosing short jackets such as bombers or monkey jackets is always a good start. They are comfortable, not so warm for higher temperatures, and can match with smart clothes or more informal ones.

Finishing with the outfit, we must remember the shoes. White sneakers are great for this season, as they give a light look to our outfit and can match with different tones.

Accessories are game-changers and can help elevate our outfit, taking it to the next level. As covid is still around, adding a nice mask that compliments your outfit is key to looking good and keeping you and your loved ones safe. A lovely satin scarf can help keep you warm in the morning on your commute to work but is still open enough not to suffocate you when it starts becoming hot. And of course, you can’t forget cologne! A pleasant spring scent will be a lovely welcome for everyone. Always remember to wear warmer scents during cooler seasons and more uplifting or refreshing scents during warmer seasons. Finally, a good pair of suspenders; not only to keep your trousers up but also to give a nice smart look to your outfit. Suspenders are also perfect at portraying your physique.

Remember to bear in mind these tips for the new season, and match your unique retro clothes with the colours and styles that are about to arrive.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.