Fall and Winter 2020 Fashion Trends that We Love

We are all for being our unique selves. As we talk about it here, you should show it clearly in your fashion choices. You could say that mixing up textures, colours, new and old items is the way to go.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on what’s new, cool, and fresh in the world of all things fashion.

2020 has been a crazy year, and a little hedonism helps forget the anxiety and stress around us.

That’s why today we want to talk about the fall/winter 2020 fashion trends we love and can’t wait to wear during our next outings (as few as they are!).

Metallic sheer for fun

I love shiny and colorful things, especially in the cold season, so lucky me, metallics are all the rage this year! It can be anything from a sparkly skirt or blazer to something less in-your-face as glittering pumps or a clutch. 

The diamond sparkle finds its way to accessories, hairpieces as well as shiny makeup such as eyeshadows and blush. Metallic pieces work so well with cozy knits, understated topsand monochrome colors. I already know what I’m wearing this holiday season! 

Jewel tones for luxury

Another royal trend that we adore this season is the jewel-toned colour palette. We’re talking about sapphire, deep jade, ruby, amethyst, citrine colours that are just so luxurious. 

We second the Popsugar.co.uk suggestion to go all in for these bold, beautiful, and eye-opening shades that are a real head-turner.  

Prep style for everyday

I’m usually not into Ivy-League-Meets-Gossip-Girl looks, but in 2020 the prep fashion is taking a whole new turn, and I say YES to that. 

Plaid prints, blazers, and cardigans are now paired with sporty and relaxed items such as sneakers, jeans, bucket hats, and even sweatpants. 

And the best thing? You probably already have many of these pieces in your closet, so no need to spend a fortune to achieve the trendiest look. 

Faux Fur for winter

Faux Fur is wonderful as it can both look luxurious and classicand totally bohemian and rock’n’roll. And it’s everywhere this season! 

If you’re not up for a full-on coat, start smaller with hats, vests, scarves, or jackets. Don’t be afraid to try different colors too – remember the jewel tones and metallic trends? Why not combine these all-in-one spectacular statement piece? 

Fringe for freedom

We’ve always loved fringed jackets, but we understand that they come with a risk of looking like Billy Ray Cyrus without intending to do so. In 2020 fringes come on jackets, pants, purses, and now we can experiment freely and feel confidentwe’re on-trend.

Patchwork for folklore

Maybe patchwork doesn’t sound sexy but bear with us. First of all – it’s sustainable. The new clothes from most brands are made from old, offcut, and surplus fabrics.

And if you’re love second-hand, you very well know that these funky styles are always available. Yes, it will take some extra care to style an outfit that looks cool rather than like you stole it from your uncle, but once you get there, you’re the star. 

Equestrian for fall

Nothing shouts autumn to us more than the sight of a beautiful woman riding a horse through a red and yellow coloured park in her knee-high brown boots. And we’re happy to say that the equestrian style is very 2020.

We might not go for the full look ourselves, but instead a few leather accents, skinny pants and a classic tailored blazer paired with some premium t shirts, like the ones you can find online on Fresh Clean Tees. Click here to browse through their website: https://freshcleantees.com/

Coloured leather for the win

This trend is totally up my alley. Leather is such a fall/autumn texture, and every year, I can’t wait to take out my boots and purses. In 2020 fashion we’re taking it to another level with bright, bold hues such as reds, pinks, blues, greens and yellows. 

Some people were wearing this trend in spring and summer, but I don’t see why we shouldn’t continue doing now. It’s the time of the year when we need cheering up the most, so whether it’s trousers, jackets, or purses – pick your color and go!

Cutouts for the bold 

If you haven’t seen celebrities wearing cutout-everything, we’re here to tell you – they’re doing it. And you know what, we don’t hate it! Yes, it’s a comeback from the early 2000s, but it adds that je ne sais quoi to the entire look when done right. Just google Issa Rae’s bright green SNL’s dress! 

And while most of us aren’t superstars, we can still spice it up with a low-key cutout sweater, skirt, or even trousers. 

Capes for superheroes

We’re all superheroes for enduring the craziness of 2020 for so long, and we deserve a cape! 

The capes are going stronger than ever this season, and I love the variety of styles and colors available. Who wants a dull brown coat when you can wear a bohemian red or orange cape? Not me. 

According to StyledbyJade.com, the cape provides drama to any outfit. It is always chic and complementary to both casual and evening wear. We can’t agree more!

By Milda Urbonaite