Everything You Need to Know About Styling Layered Necklaces

A great piece of jewellery can make the difference between an average ensemble and eye-catching attire. Wear what you love and make it your own with accessories that shout the message out loud basically.

Of all the accessories modern-day women use to dress up their outfits, necklaces are some of the most versatile and popular. Suppliers offer pieces in an impressive array of materials, lengths, and colours, and trend-setters take advantage of the fact to give each outfit a variety of polished looks. Some of us prefer single chains or pendants while those with a more adventurous fashion sense often like to work with cool kid statement pieces, layering several styles.

There is no hard-and-fast standard for layering pieces, but there are a few basic rules that can help anyone design a custom look that suits their personality.

Necklaces Showcase Facial Features

Most people consider a woman’s smile her most beautiful feature. That is why fashionistas look for ways to bring attention to their faces and why well-dressed women are often photographed wearing colorful scarves, even in warm weather. Many also choose desirable neckwear that draws the eye upward and adds a glimmering sparkle to clothing.

In-style women frequently personalize neckwear by layering different styles and lengths. But the look is not reserved for the rich and famous. Anyone can visit sites like adinasjewels.com/collections/pendants and find chic yet affordable pieces that are ideal for layering.

There Are Basic Layering Rules

Like all style trends, wearing necklaces is a matter of personal choice. However, fashion experts do offer a few suggestions that help ensure the most favorable results.

·         Begin with one or two pieces because multiple pieces can become tangled and untidy

·         Stack pieces of different lengths and create gaps that are equal lengths apart

·         Keep the look exciting by mixing styles like chunky and delicate chains

·         Start with a focal point such as a choker and then add items

·         Don’t be afraid to have fun by including elements like colorful beads

·         Women with big busts should keep layers well above their chests to avoid a “unibobbing” effect

The Minimalist Look Is in Fashion

Regardless of how chic wearing several chains might be, some people prefer a cleaner style. They tend to create a minimalist look using one essential piece at a time or stacking a few elegant chains. According to Vogue editors, a clean look often begins with an unadorned chain, followed by two or three in different lengths. Some wearers opt for several pieces, while others choose a single double-chain style.

Bold Can Be Trendy

Those who live by the fashion principle, “more is more” often adopt a bold look that is hard to miss. They might pair a coin necklace with a thick chain to showcase their neck and shoulders. Ladies with a fearless fashion sense aren’t afraid to combine a variety of styles and can often be seen wearing combinations like rope, bead, and textured pieces along with dainty chains. Bold can also mean selecting colorful items like a pink butterfly pendant paired with a series of chains.

Stack Pieces to Accent V-Neck Tops

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your style, consider adding a layered necklace to your ensemble, especially when wearing v-neck tops. The combination of a well-cut top and a set of coordinated necklaces can enhance your overall look. The good news is that v-neck fashion is currently in, allowing for plenty of opportunities to experiment with different stacking combinations. To make the most out of your layered necklaces, Today style experts recommend selecting pieces that complement your neckline. For instance, if you’re wearing a deep v-neck dress, a choker, London layering necklace, and a coin pendant are the perfect combination to create a stunning look. For a personalized touch, you might consider adding a customized or personalized name necklace to your layered necklace collection.

Stacking necklaces also works well with scoop-necked tops. However, getting the best effect can be a bit tricky. Unlike the v-neck, which draws the eye along necklace paths, scoop necks create a lot of space. Wearing several pieces in a variety of lengths is a great way to fill the space and create interest. There’s a lot of room for creativity, but it’s wise to stick with delicate pieces when in doubt. It’s always safe to start layering with a choker and then add chains or necklaces of varying lengths.

Relaxed and Casual Will Always Be Stylish

In the last few decades, casual has become trendy. Denim and leather are acceptable to wear anywhere, and even supermodels pair t-shirts with pricey designer duds. Jewelry has followed the trend, and necklaces often take center stage. Everyone from teens to royalty is stacking pieces to create a relaxed chic look. The key is choosing pieces that mesh well with fabrics and outfits. For example, wearing a denim jacket and black t-shirt with a gold choker, pendant necklace, and long, gold thick chain is stylish and in vogue.

Layer Pieces to More Covered-Up Tops

While there’s no doubt that layered neckwear looks fabulous with plunging necklines, it can also add spice to more covered-up tops. There’s no need to put away those chains and pendants when winter sets in. Consider adding three or four delicate pieces to a cardigan or knitted sweater, or create a unique effect with a delicate choker, statement necklace, and long, thin, thin pendant. Stick with a single color like silver or gold to create a theme.

The Personal Touch Is Essential

Professional advice about how to layer necklaces is a terrific starting point, and it can help beginners avoid mistakes. However, the thing to remember about wearing jewelry is that it allows anyone to make a personal statement. Some women create signature looks, such as always wearing silver or mixing long and short chains. Others personalize their look by including items with meaning. The world’s trendiest people always wear treasured lockets or chains with heirloom rings hanging from them and ensure that every item has meaning. Ultimately, each woman needs to decide what works for her and will instill confidence, no matter how she chooses to layer.

Fashion trendsetters consider necklaces essential accessories. The right pieces accent wearers’ best features and make even basic outfits look chic. Well-dressed women often layer necklaces to create an eye-catching effect and make a personal statement. Stacked pieces look wonderful with v-neck and scoop-neck tops but can also flatter high-necked warm-weather clothing. Whether women opt for a clean, minimalist style or choose a bolder approach, carefully layered necklaces will ensure they are in vogue.

Anabel Cooper

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