Our Top Picks from Seraphina London’s Breezy Collection to Inspire Your Heatwave Wardrobe

The much-needed mood-lifter of this year’s first heatwave, with Britain’s temperatures reaching way into the high 20s, has sent us frantically vowing to ditch the usual pyjama-esque isolation wardrobe and reach for something a little more summery. Speaking of mood-lifters, remember that feeling of excitement when dressing up to go to a party and how sometimes that’s better than the actual party? Well, that’s the feeling we’re trying to emulate during lockdown. Our back gardens may have become the new rooftop bars and walks to the local park might have replaced our annual trips to the beach, but that’s not to say our wardrobes won’t need a little update to see us through these warmer months and keep our spirits well-and-truly lifted. Yet if you’re like us, and (understandably) reluctant to relinquish loose clothing entirely, then a smock dress is the perfect choice, and Seraphina London has got us covered. See here for their breezy ‘Hamptons Dress’ in a blue and white pinstripe cotton. We’re in love! 

Founded by Fiona Hodges, the story of Seraphina’s humble beginnings is the picturesque tonic we didn’t know we needed until now. Growing up on her father’s tea plantation in Darjeeling, Fiona has always loved India. Following a career in fashion, which saw her settling in both London and Sydney while working full time at VOGUE, she was soon drawn back to the county which shaped her childhood. “It all started with one kaftan in the heat of Delhi when I was in my 30’s,” Fiona explains, “I bought some fabric in the market and found a one-man-band to make it.” He took her fabric up to his roof terrace where he sat with a simple sewing machine overlooking the views of the city. Hooked on the thrill of seeing an idea transform into a reality, Fiona has been designing unique collections ever since. 

Inspired by the work of Indian artisans, by the colour, texture and beauty of the fabrics, each piece is laced with the quaint charm of a handmade item you might discover yourself at a traditional market. Striking the perfect balance between at-home comfort and an effortless, city-readiness, Seraphina offers a fresh take on loungewear that would seamlessly find a place in our isolation wardrobes. Let’s take a look. 

With their one-and-done ease, jumpsuits are the epitome of effortless dressing and arguably the unsung heroes of isolation – this Talitha Jumpsuit with a tiny yellow floral print being the perfect example. Its character-full silhouette and breezy style confirms its place in our Must-Have Items list this summer. 

This Ruffle Maxi Dress with an all-over vertical pink stripe also qualities as a comfy yet luxuriously presentable must-have. The bold, floor-hitting length and understated print does all the work for you, making the morning’s wardrobe-wrestle that little bit easier.

We’re also obsessed with this throw-on Shore Dress in white cotton with a gold lurex stripe. It’s drop-waist design and subtly sheen adorns it with all the relaxed glamour of riviera evenings – a look and feel that we would all love to emulate during this time. 

This wonderful partnering of simplistic shapes with plush fabrics is something we can’t get enough of. It laces each piece with an off-duty glamour that maximises its allure. From the finest linens to cotton voiles, lightweight poplins to dainty seersucker, Seraphina London’s collection has our names written all over it. Carefully cut and purposefully designed, each item carries a traceable history uncommon in modern clothing. 

For those days when we do find ourselves trapped inside and almost certainly dressing from the waist-up, this Daisy Puff Sleeve Blouse is faultless. It’s linen-satin mix and airy design makes it the perfect easy-to-wear piece for sultry summer days around the house. Designed to comfortably translate from day to night, we can be sure these pieces will seamlessly find a place in our post-lockdown wardrobe. 

And finally, we’d like to draw your attention to one of my own favourite pieces from Seraphina’s collection. In a pattern that returns each summer and will definitely still be making waves this year, this blue gingham Frill Maxi Skirt and matching Frill Cami is dreamy.

Knowing that it rolls around each year, it’s always a good idea to invest in gingham as we know we will be wearing it for so many summers to come. It’s traditional print and playful shape confirms that it’s the only thing I will wear to picnics going forward, and down the road, you can rest assured I’ll be wearing this set to the soonest-available BBQ.  

Please enjoy your browse through the rest of the Seraphina London’s easy-to-wear summer collection here

Lily Major

Lily is the former editor of House of Solo, a London-based music, fashion and culture magazine. With a background in predominantly music journalism, Lily is now interested in discussing all areas that comprise London’s diverse cultural scene. Her work has appeared in House of Solo, Pentagon, and 9outof10.