Stylish Handbags For Every Professional Woman to Carry Her Career Into Fall

Accessorizing is the decorating of dressing. A headband here, a bold pair of shoes there, and an outfit is completely transformed. But the bag, the bag is the ultimate accessory for every woman. So when it comes to selecting that everyday handbag for work, it has to be just right.

The difficulty so often is striking the balance between fashionable and unique. Whilst we love browsing the high street it’s hard to find that perfect piece for our wardrobe that evites the fear of walking into the office and seeing it on half of our colleagues. That’s when we have to look a little further than our go to shops – which is why we’re introducing you to Serendipity Bags.

Serendipity was born in Florence and founded in London. Created by two best friends eager to bring fashion back to its origins with an updated and sustainable element.

Leonardo and Sebastian grew up in Florence admiring all of the Italian fashion greats – Gucci, Ferragmo, amongst other fashionable Florentine names. Leonardo and Sebastian were inspired by the stories of those who would travel to Italy from all over the world so that they could purchase the dream finishes for their wardrobe. Local artisans would custom-make pieces for their clients from clothes to accessories, so the buyer knew that when they returned home they would be the only one walking their streets adorned in their Florentine get up. This passion and commitment to fashion didn’t go unnoticed by Leonardo and Sebastian, so it is no surprise they went on to use this appreciation to start a business.

As fashion progressed so did Leonardo and Sebastian’s business plan. Accessories had changed from premium Italian-made bags, customized and handcrafted for the customer, to poorer quality and higher prices. Bags are now produced in a series thanks to an industrialized process. The mass commercialization of fashion, closing of artisan boutiques and use of cheap labour factories founded Sebastian and Leonardo’s ‘made in Italy’ concept. Serendipity bags are handcrafted by generational Italian artisans, using leather, hardware and lining of the highest quality – made, of course, in Italy. Not only that but they offer its customers the possibility to create custom made handbags. Customers may also consider purchasing these lovely used designer handbags.

There are four different models for buyers to choose from. The Serendipity tote, which is of course always going to be a classic. Simple yet elegant, this design finishes any outfit with utter ease. This is the ideal errands bag, and perfect for work.

There’s also a crossbody bag; cute and fun but also practical, the bag that makes you feel ready to go once it’s thrown over your shoulder.

The backpack is a natural choice for women on the go but style doesn’t have to be compromised for practicality. The paneling design reinvigorates the usual backpack so you feel like you’re going to work, and not back to school.

The forth and final style is the bucket bag. A revised seventies classic, now designed for the everyday. This structured piece is adorable with that striking edge of sass.

Once you’ve found your favourite style, the time comes to choose from a great array of colours; silver, best for day to dark chic, black, simple and sleek, bottle green, the list goes on. The customization doesn’t stop there. Pick your lining and of course the metal detailing – whether silver or gold it’s the little things that make a difference.

You don’t have to worry about the price either, designing your dream bag doesn’t have to be expensive. The handbags sell for less than the traditional cost thanks to the nature of an online independent store, with no physical presence, no middleman and no upfront stock. Serendipity sources all materials once an order has been placed with avoids overproduction and waist, and doesn’t charge high margins on the final price.

Focused on the customer, their evident love for fashion and desire to make the industry more sustainable, Serendipity is the place for the professional woman to find their perfect match for this fall.

Happy shopping, ladies!

Hattie Cotmore

Hattie is a luxury PR executive and freelance blogger based in London. Passionate about fashion, beauty and travel and a croissant obsessive. Follow Hattie on social media @hattiecotmore