7 Snippets of Wisdom For Buying the Perfect Wedding Ring

A wedding – one of life’s happiest occasions ‑ for both the happy couple. Or is it? A new survey according to goldco direct, by leading high street jewellers, Goldsmiths, has revealed that picking the perfect wedding ring is not only a huge responsibility but also a daunting task, and the stress of finding “the one” can be emotionally taxing. Right from getting sizes right to finding something you both love is no mean feat. To top it all off, it’s important to stay within budget as splurging can lead you towards financial disaster and hit the wedding fund hard.

To make sure you set off on the right foot, following are 7 simple tips you need to remember when shopping for wedding rings.

Don’t Go For a Ring Just Because You Can Afford it:

Expensive is not necessarily better. That said, pick a ring that is unique to both yourself and your loved one. After all, you will most likely be wearing your rings forever so you want to make sure it’s a timeless investment and not just get your hands on the design because of the price. Sometimes a cheaper asking price causes buyers to believe that the ring is somehow inferior. But bear in mind that it’s all about beauty and how the ring makes you feel. Just like fashion icon Olivia Palermo said, ‟My feeling is that it’s not about how much something costs. If it looks great, it looks great.”

Be Open to Different Element Options:

Gold, silver, and platinum are popular options when buying wedding rings. However, there are so many more options to choose from! For example, a ring in yellow or rose gold has the same luxurious finish as a gold ring and oftentimes, it costs much less. So explore different elements such as titanium, palladium, tungsten, and cobalt to find something that suits your budget and style.

Choose His and Her Ring Sets for Quick Selection:

Buying wedding ring sets is a quick way to finding matching styles. Instead of shopping for individual his and her rings, you can simply buy a pair of rings that are specially designed to go together perfectly. Wedding ring sets like these unique mens wedding ring designs have uniqueness and also come in complimentary styles, available in a multitude of metal and design options.

Comfort is Paramount:

Settling for a ring size that’s too tight or too loose will only dampen the magic. Jewellery stores use size guides to measure your ring finger and they resize the rings exactly. If you’re shopping online be sure you follow the online size chart to order the perfect ring size.  

Be Prepared to Walk Away and Try Again:

It’s foolish to just dedicate one single day for ring shopping, mainly because if you don’t find anything you like you will still be forced to pick a ring. Wedding ring shopping should be a pleasurable experience, and at the end of the day you need to feel certain about your choice, so if you don’t find anything after an entire day of shopping, call it a day and try again the next day or following week if you’re in the need of gaining a dose of inspo.

Dare to Be Different:

Who says wedding rings need to be platinum and diamond? Modern day couples are not bound by age-old traditions and they often choose to buy rings that look radically different from what is considered “traditional”. Find a unique style that speaks to you instead of giving in to societal pressure.

Try Your Luck on Shopping Online:

One of the reasons why most modern customers prefer to shop online is because they are automatically shielded from flowery sales pitches. Shopping online allows you to take your time, whilst browsing beautiful wedding rings from different designers worldwide without leaving the comfort of your home and with free returns, it’s absolutely risk free.

Diana Simpson

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