Men’s Fashion Top Tips For A Stylish 2018 (And Beyond!)

Nowadays, women are not the only ones turning heads with their style. Men have evolved from the classic cargo pants and tees to suit wearing bosses and pulling it off effortlessly. From the boardroom to the beach come Summer, style doesn’t lack in men’s fashion. Here are a few tips to master your look for different scenarios.


A suit is the staple piece that should be in every man’s closet. Even if you’re not really a suit wearing kind of guy, there will always be occasions coming up that call for suits like interviews, weddings, dinner parties, or corporate settings that require a business attire dress code. Now, if you are a man and reading this article, don’t just buy the first thing you see. Take time to browse and get the feel of what you like. Find that balance of showing your personal style and professionalism to command the attention from the boardroom or your brother’s wedding. Picking a quality suit to invest in is usually the biggest feat. The key to picking the right one is in the fit. Unless you’re a walking mannequin, it’s very rare that it will fit you off-the-rack so be sure to tailor it as much as needed to look your best.

For a complete look, pair it with coordinating dress shirt. These can set off your suit and your physique to your greatest advantage. Be sure to look for men’s performance wear clothing that’s wrinkle resistant and has a stretchy fit. It lets you feel as good as you look.


Let’s start off with shoes. You probably have a closet-full already but. But whether you’re a runner or lifting weights is your thing, there are varying styles and brands that can fit your needs. Choosing the right clothes can affect your performance level while training. Some like their clothes to leave a little room but, wearing performance clothing with compression are known to reduce fatigue and soreness. Still, style doesn’t have to be sacrificed. Many athletic brands have a variety of clothing and accessories to keep you sweating in style.

Date Night

You’ve landed the date and the spot is picked. Now, what to wear? It depends on the setting. If your date is at a bar, the location and dress code plays a part in this decision. Unsure? Overdress, but formal wear is a bit too much for this. For a dinner and a movie or just out for a cup of coffee, keep it casual. If you’re pulling out all the stops for dinner, remember that nice suit suggested above? This is the perfect time to wear your suit for formal restaurants or a super romantic date. Now that you’ve got the perfect clothes, it’s time to choose the perfect shoes to match!

Lounging Around

Fashion doesn’t have fall by the wayside when hanging out at home. Your home and that’s your safe zone, but sometimes unexpected visits can occur and it’s better to stay ready. There’s no rules to loungewear or fashion in general so you have the choice of matching and mixing tops and bottoms with a pair of cozy socks. Outside in the backyard or front yard, try a pair of sweatpants, white tee and stylish sneakers for a complete outfit that’s comfortable yet stylish.


Around the time the beach is up for discussion, it’s hot and the less clothes the better. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort. Obviously, you’re going to be wearing swim shorts but find some stylish ones. There are long shorts that gives off the surfer guy vibe and there are shorter versions for daring types. Shirt off or on, it’s all on preference. 

Style is about you and men’s fashion rules are meant to be broken. Mastering your style takes time, but keep in mind to always dress for the occasion and wear what speaks to you.

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate journalist and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.