How To… Successfully Care For Your Shoes While Traveling This Summer

Why buy amazing shoes and not look after them? But how exactly can you keep your fave footwear in tip-top shape while you’re on the go? New Canadian brand ShoeShoeBags has got it covered.

Everyone can justify investing in great accessories, particularly shoes, but what’s the point in spending a fortune on the season’s hottest heels then ruining them by shoving them into your suitcase or worse an undersized handbag full of pens and other potential pitfalls?

That’s what the founder of Montreal’s ShoeShoeBags had in mind when she started looking into creative ways to keep our pumps, slingbacks and sandals in A1 condition on the go.

And forget the kind of shoe bags you might be used to. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach as far as ShoeShoeBags is concerned. Each shoe gets its own bag, to suit the shape and style, in a variety of pretty colours.

ShoeShoeBag’s gorgeous French founder Camille started out in Graphic Design before spotting a gap in the market to create a product for women who loved their shoes and wanted to be able to look after them at home and on the move. But she didn’t just want something practical. Camille was determined to create a product that was as attractive as the shoes themselves and from there ShoeShoeBags was born.

Born and raised in France, Camille moved to Quebec in 2013 and quickly realised that the harsh winters meant wearing your favourite pair of shoes to work just wasn’t an option. She had no choice but to carry hers with her and, knowing that thousands of other women would be in the same position, she set out to find a solution.

It then became clear that we don’t just need to pack up our shoes for a day at the office and that for many of us travel is a huge part of our lives and careers. Camille’s team then set about looking into different bags for different shapes and styles of shoes and came up with the concept of packing each shoe separately, making them easy to squeeze into small bags and cases as well as being quick to identify and organise because of the different coloured bags. Genius! There is even a black leather handbag-style shoe bag designed specifically for the office commute, which is as stylish as it is practical.

Other styles include drawstring or zip-up options in different shapes, sizes and colours, and each bag is easy to wash, store and maintain at home in between trips. The only real surprise is how we didn’t think of something like this sooner as having ShoeShoeBags for each of your shoes now seems like a bit of a no-brainer. Happy shopping! 


Emily Mccarrick

Emily Morgan is a freelance Writer and Editor with twenty years experience across brands from HELLO and SHAPE to Grazia, Time Out and Harper's Bazaar. She's currently based in the UK after spending seven-years living and working in Dubai.