Mens Shoes – A Walk Through Guide

Spring is here (finally!) and as you’re freshening up your wardrobe with fun new pieces, what about your hubby’s shoe closet? There is no better time than now to add colorful loafers, casual trainers and boat shoes in to his closet, some of this season’s favourite shoe-trends for men.

But with endless of options out there, you may need a little help along the way, so we thought you’d find it helpful to check out this awesome infographic! The detailed guide walks you through all different types of shoes for him ranging from smart to casual to flip flops. Now you can be his personal little style-guru as you will learn when he should wear certain styles and what he can pair with what. A pair of understated trainers for example are perfect for both the office and the bar and can be paired with a Hype bag, gym wear or jeans and a bomber jacket.