Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day With Lola Rose

Lola Rose Jewellery

You never need an excuse to treat yourself, but if you were going to treat yourself on a particular holiday, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse, right?!

Whether you’re celebrating with someone special or some of your closet girlfriends, it’s an ideal holiday to practice a little self-love and add some beautiful new pieces of jewellery to your collection, and this year we have found the ‘Love’ Collection by Lola Rose to fit the bill exactly.

Lola Rose is a beautiful brand founded by the talented Nikki Gewirtz, who in turn was inspired by her glamourous grandmother, Lola. The ‘Love’ Collection is inspired by the pleasure of gift giving; thoughtful pieces that are meaningful and can be treasured forever. This range of jewels showcase some of the world’s most stunning precious and semi-precious stones, a first for the brand, including emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Our kind of collection.

Lola Rose Jewellery

Nikki says, ‘every woman should have accessories that make her smile and bring her confidence’ – And we agree which is why we’ve pulled together some of our favourite pieces we’ll be treating ourselves to this Valentine’s Day:

If you like simple but feminine jewellery you’ll love the mini charm bracelets, they’ll never look like you’ve overloaded your wrist but give you that little bit of sparkle that will help you catch the light.

Love Circle Mini Charm Bracelet (Sky Blue Topaz, £85)

Love circle mini charm bracelet

Love Heart Mini Charm Bracelet (Labor, £70)

Mini heart charm bracelet

Prefer some frosting on your fingers? No problem! Lola Rose have some gorgeous rings that can add a playful touch to an otherwise elegant hand. We love these two particular pieces because they are cute can also add a little bit of edge to any outfit.

Love Mini Lips Ring (Garnet, £60)

Love mini lips ring

Love Heart Ring (Rho Garnet, £80)

Love heart ring

If you prefer some a more subtle glam, Lola Rose have the perfect earrings for you. A bit of a throwback vintage vibe, these small hoop earrings are the ideal way to remind yourself everyday of your glamourous treat.

Love Small Hoop Earrings (Red Garnet, £65)

Love small hoop earrings

Love Small Hoop Earrings (White Pearl, £65)

Love small hoop earrings in gold

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