Top Trending Eyeglasses For This Winter Season

Top trending eyeglasses for this Winter season

smartbuyglasses why you should invest in a pair of winter sunnies

Let’s get one thing clear, winter does not mean the end of sunglasses. The daily winter glare or the odd rays of brisk sunshine calls out for a pair of new sunnies, especially on a particularly delicate day when you haven’t yet had your morning coffee!

Sunglasses can complete an outfit just as much as other accessories, and when it comes to choosing the right pair, we all want to get our hands on some designer shades. After all, sunglasses are the most affordable way to get some designer labels into our wardrobe and sometimes the odd high-street pair just doesn’t suffice, especially when designer sunglasses are such an accessible treat. Just make sure you don’t make that classic mistake of accidently sitting on them after not putting them back in their precious case!

Anyone hitting the slopes this winter will be after some designer eyewear to complete their après ski look. One ideal place to start looking is Smartybuyglasses, they have oodles of designer sunglasses at wonderfully reduced prices, so much so that it doesn’t actually seem all that bad to pop two different pairs in the basket!

With over 80,000 designer sunglasses (for guys and gals) to choose from it can be quite an overwhelming search, but Smart Buy make it all that easier with options like shape, colour and designers to shop from, with all the greats like Chloe, Alexander McQueen, and Fendi.

With Christmas just around the corner, it could be an ideal time to start browsing for a loved one, or start planning a little wish list for yourself, in fact, here’s a little list of the top winter sunglasses to help you make that all important decision.

For those who favour retro shapes and styles; these tortoiseshell Havana brown Alexander McQueen sunglasses are ideal for winter walks and adding a touch of 70’s to your A/W wardrobe:

For those who want to feel luxurious and current these Fendi Paradeyes are the perfect pair of sunglasses for someone who favours edge over timeless classics:


These Stella McCartney shades add a glamorous touch of gold bling to a classic pair of sunglasses, for those who want to look effortlessly chic:


These Chloe sunglasses are ideal for rose gold lovers who love a 70’s oversized frame to match their retro style:


For those who rock a cat eye, these D&G classic frames will never go out of style and the pop of red adds a touch of individuality:


For the sporty but stylish, these Tom Fords are ideal for people who love oversized sunnies and a bit of modish elegance:


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