Nothing Says CEO Like a Sleek Atelier Shirt

Getting dressed in the morning ready to take on the big city is not always an easy task. Here at YCB we often struggle to find a balance between work wear and being on trend, because dressing for the office should still be fun! There shouldn’t be any monotony in selecting your outfit for the day ahead and now we’ve found the answer to all our prayers with Sleek Atelier, our new favourite shirt designer that’s injecting a whole dose of style back into your office game. You haven’t seen a shirt til you’ve seen a Sleek Atelier shirt, ladies!

Style your shirt like a CEO with SLEEK atelier

Andy Shirt With Stripes SLEEK Atelier

The idea of a shirt brand with modern shirts that could be found in one place with good quality and for a good price was first raised three years ago and has now been realised thanks to Viktoria and Karla, the two ladies behind Sleek Atelier. Gone are the days of the plain old cotton white shirt and now we are upgrading our work wear game to a new model. A white shirt has a magical way of lighten up a person’s appearance and draw attention to the face. No wonder it has existed since 3000 BC! With Sleek Atelier’s range, they are turning the white shirt on its head with new and exciting twists. Think subtle knots, exaggerated cuffs and open back details in classic colours to transition perfectly into your work wardrobe. Classic whites and pale blues will look suitably stylish with navy, beige and black and even work well on the weekends with skinny jeans and ballet flats for Saturday lunch or Sunday coffee dates. Sleek Atelier designs a collected range of crispy shirts in different styles, all with its own story behind, whether you prefer big sleeves, open back, boyfriend cut, Sleek by their own admission make your everyday look more special by redesigning, working with details, lines and patterns.

Anna big cuff shirt SLEEK atelier

Caroline Knot Shirt SLEEK atelier

DIANA Butterfly Shirt SLEEK Atelier

They also use the very best quality in material and making to give you the best possible pieces with the all important longevity that work wear requires. Sleek Atelier’s shirts give you a super fine 100% cotton garment, statement collars and cuffs, and highly professional workmanship. They promise to match quality with price and thereby provide you with an affordable alternative where quality is prioritised over low costs. Prices start at 85 Euros, and the pieces are worth every penny. We especially love the Caroline knot shirt and the Anna big cuff shirt – two ways to make a style statement whilst looking every inch the professional.

A shirt should be a statement piece, not just a backup plan in the morning, but a backup plan that shows personality as well as being exciting, comfortable, and nevertheless timeless. So when you are next standing in front of the mirror on a Monday morning, looking for something to wear, there is no need to panic. Scan your wardrobe once more and you’ll see that soft blue butterfly open back shirt, just waiting to take on the day. After all, nothing says CEO like a Sleek Atelier shirt!

SLEEK atelier office appropriate shirts
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