Tips For Buying Eyewear Online

Tips for buying eyewear online

Tips for buying eyewear online

If you shudder at the thought of making your way to the shops to endlessly try on eyewear, awkwardly pushing the label and thief-deterrent tag out of your face, and trying to imagine how the glasses would look with your hair up/hair down/make up/no make up/on a beach in Bali/on a beach in Brighton then fear not, shopping online for eyewear (be they prescription, accessory, or sports) is the perfect solution.

They can help you to see, protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and shield those early-morning (ahem, all day) dark circles – plus, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyewear must be the curtains, so it’s pretty important stuff. Follow our tips for an effortless guide to buying eyewear online.

1. Remember your face shape

Faces come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing yours will mean that you are much more likely to be pleased with the frames the postman delivers. The basic rules: don’t go for the same shape as your face and make sure proportion is balanced.

Round face? Try geometric or angular styles. Square face? Try round frames. Heart shapes – opt for oval or rectangle. Oblong or triangle shaped – go for cat eyes. Diamond face? Bold styles will break up the symmetry.

An online retailer with a huge selection and well organised website – like SmartBuyGlasses – will make everything easier.

2. Practicality

Like all accessories, eyewear can project your personality and anchor your confidence, so understandably you’ll want your frames to be suitably stylish. But, it can be a pricey purchase, so give it some thought and steer clear of very niche styles – maybe remove that flowery, metallic green pair from your virtual shopping bag.

Go for classic frames like cat eyes, wayfarers, or aviators and stick to easy to wear colours. Classic styles are a statement piece without being un-wearable; they’ll look instantly familiar and like a natural extension of your outfit, so you’re more likely to feel comfortable and confident wearing them.

In terms of contact lenses and sports eyewear, comfort is key so go for trusted brands – the last thing you need this summer are dry lenses during hay fever season or sunglasses breaking part way through a marathon.

3. Be brave

Forgive the contradiction, but sometimes you have to ignore the rules (including those above) and just choose what you fancy. Maybe you’re channeling Scooby-Doo’s Velma with some thick-rimmed specs, going for small round frames (despite your round face shape – shock horror!), or picking out a bejewelled, red pair because you’re just feeling them– if you want to, go for it, you don’t need permission.

4. Read the T’s and C’s

A practical tip, but an important one; familiarise yourself with the returns policy, the shipping costs, and check to see if there’s a virtual try on option, like the one offered by SmartBuyGlasses. (Seriously, virtual try on options are the future, this needs to expand to all online purchases – how will that sofa look in my lounge? Can I pull off a wide brimmed fedora? How about a cut-out swimsuit?) Basically, do your research. No one wants to pay an unexpected import charge.

5. Invest

Consider investing in your eyewear, particularly with prescription glasses, as they will inevitably be a staple, not to mention necessary, accessory. Again, with higher end options – be they glasses or sunnies – opt for classic styles that are versatile, timeless, and complimentary no matter what you match them with. Remember to keep them in a protective case (and remember to fish them out of the side of the sofa following your impromptu nap) and they’re sure to last you.

Time for an online browse and an eyewear refresh…and to hope that the sun returns to the UK, or else come up with some other justification for the several pairs of sunglasses we just ordered.

Rosie Craig

Rosie Craig recently graduated from Durham University and King’s College London with degrees in English and Cultural and Creative Industries. She currently works in marketing and she’s always on the hunt for a great brownie (or at the gym, working off those great brownies).