In Need of Inspo? This Site Introduces a New Social Way to Shop

In need of inspo? This site introduces a new social way to shop

Share Style introduces a new social way to shop

Who has ever bought something online, been so excited for it to arrive because it looked absolutely dazzling in the pictures, and then when it turns up been disappointed as it looks nothing like what you ordered? Yes? Us too! But don’t fret, we have found the solution to your problems in the form of a new cool start-up company. Ladies, meet Share Style!

Share Style

A place where you can be inspired by beautiful clothes, words and people all at once, Share Style, was founded in the UK by couple Thea and Sam. The duo has created what we think is a brilliant platform where you can discover new exciting brands (is there anything more satisfying?), share your own style photos and collections; and most importantly shop the clothes you see on real life people!

Share Style

We’re sure most of you can relate to the problems that come with online shopping (yes, it’s a tricky little business), spending hours looking for clothes trying to figure out how the pieces look in real life. 22 year-old co-founder, Sam said: “We were sitting around in our basement flat browsing the internet to find new clothes. I remember swapping between different sites getting progressively more frustrated with the lack of choice. It was at that point that we realised we could do something better!”

Share Style is a community where you can find daily inspo by browsing gorgeous designs, words and real life people all on one succinct platform. Being a Share Style user, YOU are the central component of the online community, with endless opportunities to showcase your own personal style as well as discovering new creative ways you can wear different looks. All levels of fashion fanatic can use Share Style; you can simply shop clothes from the websites of your favourite retailers, or check out their weekly ‘Edits’ which include a curated selection of the top seasonal clothes and outfits. What’s more? There’s also the opportunity to create your own personal brand by posting style photos and sharing top style tips with other users.

What’s really exciting is that each month the Share Style team run a #sharestyleloves campaign where they feature some of the most popular style photos uploaded on to the site. Since their launch in February this year, the two founders have already collaborated with dozens of talented bloggers worldwide to celebrate how real people express themselves through fashion and individual style. You’ll find beautifully inspiring posts and have the opportunity to contribute to the campaign. “Anyone is welcome to get involved with the feature, we think everybody should be given the opportunity to inspire others.” Says Thea.

Just as digitally-savvy as the rest of us, Thea and Sam are always looking forward, whether that’s in fashion, business, or both! There are many exciting new features which will be online in the next coming months. “We’ll be putting more of an emphasis on personalisation, for example, you’ll be able to write and share posts formatted in whatever font and style you please. Perhaps the most exciting news is that we will be integrating with Bloglovin’ and Instagram, so you can display your photos and posts on your Share Style profile!” Sam comments.

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