Danielle Foster’s AW16 Collection: Luxe Handbags to Take You Through Any Social Event

Danielle Foster’s AW16 collection: Luxe handbags to take you through any social event

Danielle Foster AW16 Collection

Handbags are easily one of the most useful, lifesaving inventions to grace the Earth. They are just perfect (okay okay, I know what you’re thinking! What about pizza, Chanel nail varnish, and Alicia Vikander?). Let’s just say that handbags are pretty close.

And when it comes to matching the right handbag with the right outfit, it’s just a no-brainer. I once attempted to take my Gucci holdall to a club, absolutely determined to make the transition from my day outfit. The result? My fellow club goers found themselves in serious danger of being whacked in the face, leaving them little time to marvel at its (undeniable) beauty. Not. Cool.

So what do you do when you have a bunch of social events to attend, and not enough handbags to seal the deal? The YCB team have searched far and wide, and we’ve found a collection that will match up to every one of your plans:

Daielle Foster London based designer

Danielle Foster Handbags

Danielle Foster AW16 Collection - 1

Launched in 2012, Danielle Foster brings you beautifully versatile, luxurious, and affordable handbags for all occasions. All their accessories are designed and made in London (we like this a lot), and draw inspiration from Danielle’s foreign travels. The A/W16 collection (a.k.a. your life saviour) was inspired by the beautiful night sky of the Jordanian desert, and is packed with vibrant oranges, subtle tans, shimmering metallics, and blacker than black tones. See below for where to take these fierce beauties, and which ones to call upon in your hour of need:

Client meetings 

Attending a client meeting means that: a/will have to fit some serious hardware into your bag b/you want to look slicker than slick whilst doing this. Enter Kai: sophisticated, roomy enough to hold all your necessaries, and available in multiple colours for maximum impact (my pick for this spring is the orange!). Kai has a magnetic closure (no more zip fumbling for you!), and is just about high enough that nobody will notice the piles of other non-related items that have somehow accumulated in your handbag!

Kicking ass at work

Danielle Foster Kit Handbag

Kit is your go-to bag for work! Big enough to fit a plant (think I’m kidding? See below), and flexible enough that you won’t feel bad when you try to stuff everything you own in it, this is the perfect bag to take to the office. I mean, if you want (I’m not saying you will), you could probably fit a couple of puppies in there too (managing to sneak a puppy to work is actually on my career bucket list).

On-The-Go Coffee Dates

Danielle Foster Autumn Winter collection

When you’re not wooing clients or trying to sneak puppies to work, you’ll need a bag to hold your life in, especially if you’re planning a trendy little coffee date followed by a busy, action-filled day (I once snuck a bottle of prosecco onto a rowing boat on the Serpentine lake. These kind of activities just require a big bag). In these scenarios, Bella the backpack is your pal. With a soft drawstring opening, a hidden magnet closure for extra security, and an inside zip and pouch pocket, this one was made for those long-haul days out when you’re just dying to do it all, whilst looking incurably chic.

An evening to remember

accessories to take you through social events

Black tie events require amping it up by a factor of 1000, and the Katie clutch is completely on its’ A game. With its delectable keyhole fermeture and stunningly simple design, you will be all set to rock the gala all whilst looking humbly magnificent. You’ll steal the show, with Katie in tow (sorry girls, couldn’t help it!).

Date night

handbags appropriate for work events

When date night swings around (as it inevitably does), you don’t want to head over to that romantically lit restaurant and risk knocking over everything in your path with your tote. Instead, you want to float in with an almost ethereal, effortless quality about you that is both mesmerising yet irritatingly envy-worthy. Holdalls and totes, unfortunately, ruin this effect. But what about Charlie? Charlie is super cute, has that gorgeous keyhole lock we were perving on earlier, and is the perfect size for a candle-lit dinner. With Charlie, your date can ONLY be a success (and you won’t look a hoarding maniac).

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