Discovering the Dagmar SS16 Collection

Discovering the Dagmar SS16 collection

Discovering the Dagmar SS16 collection

DAGMAR SS16 fashion show

House of Dagmar SS16 show

House of Dagmar Spring Summer 2016 show


Just in case you didn’t know, Alicia Vikander is a long-standing girl crush here at YCB. We’ve been style crushing (and style stalking-shhh!) her for a while now and we’ve discovered a gorgeous brand she’s been hiding up that elegant sleeve of hers: House of Dagmar. Back in her beautiful homeland of Sweden, Alicia has been spotted in some seriously stylish Dagmar outfits, including this lovely heart-throb of a coat. Honestly? We’ve been converted.

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Here’s what we love about Dagmar’s SS16 Collection:

It’s Inspired (and inspiring!)

Matthias van Arkel inspires Dagmar SS16

Dagmar’s Spring/Summer collection was inspired by Swedish contemporary artist Matthias Van Arkel’s sculptural paintings. Van Arkel’s collection features the folding and combining of different fabrics, cuts and forms, bringing to mind the trappings of a minimalistic, relaxed way of life. Van Arkel ingeniously combines shapes, colours, and forms in his beautiful work, and it’s truly refreshing to see such artistic inspiration behind Dagmar’s latest collection!

Here are our favourite, Van Arkel inspired pieces:


House of Dagmar LILLAN, SS16


House of Dagmar AUBURN, SS16

House of Dagmar CHERRY

House of Dagmar CHERRY, SS16

The killer cold shoulder

We called it! 2016 is the year of the cold shoulder, and Dagmar have- to our delight- featured this lovely new trend in their knitwear! The cold shoulder trend is fashion’s gift to women: a cheeky flash here and there is so wonderfully subtle, and super glam. If you’re looking to impress, take a stroll in IVORY for some serious dazzle:


Steeped in girl power

Founded by sisters Kristina Tjader, Karin Soderlind, and Sofia Wallenstam, the House of Dagmar was inspired by their late grandmother Dagmar, a talented tailor who encouraged them to explore the world of fabrics and design (and how grateful we are!). The Spring/Summer collection is-quite literally-steeped in girl power, and that’s something we just can’t resist.

See below for some of the collection’s particularly powerful designs:

House of Dagmar Blanche coat Spring Summer 16

The Blanche coat is a great example of boho chic; casual, stylish, and large enough to cover you and your killer handbag!

The Lillian dress House of Dagmar

The Lillian dress, an emblematic design from the House of Dagmar, is a beautiful mix of elegance and unconventional glamour. The dress nips in at the waist, has the perfect length sleeves (not too short but short enough to be manageable and elegant) and a cheeky slit down the side!

 Inspired by Matthias Van Arkel Maurine House of Dagmar

Inspired by Matthias Van Arkel’s ‘Gobelin’, Maurine is your go-to everyday dress. Pair with a chunky sweater by day and some gorgeous stilettos by night for a look as sharp as daggers.

A gorgeous range of hand knit fabrics

Dagmar knitwear is simply swoon-worthy, and their Spring/Summer selection does not disappoint! Their knitwear patterns featuring ribbed and cable knit (I’m actually a secret knitting geek!) are the comfiest little cotton-kingdoms you’ll ever see. Here are my favourite pieces:

The Noelle cardigan House of Dagmar

The Noelle cardigan is just dreamy (also, is it me or do the names give you a frisson of excitement?). With its beautiful colour and subtly authoritative fit, this one ticks all the boxes.

 The Fortuna cardigan House of Dagmar

If you’re looking for a well structured, versatile cardigan to brighten up your spring (imagine slipping into this before a city jaunt!) the Fortuna cotton cropped cardigan is the one for you.

Laurenza cardigan House of Dagmar Spring Summer 2016

In 100% merino wool the Laurenza cardigan is super comfy AND sleek. The grey lines at the bottom of the cardigan and sleeves are also an adorable feature (that’s what I call attention to detail!)

Pleats in all the right places

Dagmar’s Spring/Summer collection is positively popping with pleats and can I just say… dayum! I may be harbouring a secret-not-so-secret crush on pleats this season, but Dagmar have really hit the nail on the head with these beauties! The winners are:

Yes, yes, and yes again! The romy skirt is just stunning, and so easy to dress up or down for either an evening of effortless elegance or a smooth, ethereal look when you’re out and about.

The Lexi Blue Dress

Lexie is the epitome of French paysanne chic. This dress packs some serious punch, and with all those cleverly placed pleats it needs very little styling. Not sure it can get any better than that!

The REESE dress House of Dagmar

Wait, let’s backtrack. It’s just got better. This dress is a ‘gobsmacker’, tout juste. When you wear this dress, hearts will be broken all over the place. Guaranteed. All in all, I think it’s safe to say that spring can come at us. With Dagmar’s eye-feast of a collection, we’ll be ready.

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