WtR London Press Breakfast

WtR London Press Breakfast

WtR London press breakfast

WTR London’s press breakfast saw YCBers let loose in the fashion brand’s stunning Westbourne Grove store, and to say we were impressed is a huge understatement. All invitées were, upon entering the store, met with an impressive array of silky, soft, and impossibly lavish clothes. And for those who were planning on sticking around (am I smug? of course not!), trays of delicious breakfast finger foods and prosecco awaited, all surrounded with the inexplicable glow of impending deliciousness. My first thought? I could get used to this! Surrounded by racks of dream-inducing garments, enough gourmet food to make a grown chef cry, and glasses of bubbly goodness, I thought I had somehow reached Nirvana

WtR London

And if that isn’t dreamy enough, WTR’s interior déco is completely au point (fabulously lavish, appropriately humble, and totally envy-worthy). That lamp I was perving on at The Grooming Room? I met its entire family, and boy did they have (pardon the pun) luminescent genes. It seems that in entertaining, as in designing a kick ass clothing line, homeware line, and a completely fabulous way of life (I’m thinking they should open up a life coaching store for lost Londoners in need of a style boost), WTR know exactly what they’re doing.

WTR’s A/W16 fashion collection was absolutely jaw-dropping, not least because it was inspired by our very favourite city. But of course, with London’s eclectic mix of districts, each with their very own stylistic qualities, the lovely designers at WTR made a few pieces for each key area: Chelsea, Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho, and Victoria.

WtR London press event

As winter comes to its end, let’s take a moment to remember our favourite pieces from the A/W collection (it’s okay to cry a little):

Chelsea Pocket Dress

WtR Chelsea Pocket Dress £350.00

The Chelsea pocket dress is so subtly powerful that you may well be mistaken for Michelle Obama whilst sporting it around town. Casual, strong lined, and a happy hybrid between formal and casual chic, this one will be sorely missed.

The Chelsea Trouser

WtR Chelsea V Soft Top £80.00 WtR Mayfair Slouchy Trouser £390.00

Where oh where have these trousers been all our lives??? Aside from the obviously alluring pleat, that subtle (yet magnificent) flare is to die for. Sold, to the lady on the left, who is clearly auto-combusting with excitement.

Soho Pleated Trousers

 WtR Soho Printed Shirt £350.00 WtR Soho Pleat Trousers £420.00

These trousers are just incredible. The colour, the pleats, and the high waist? Recipe. For. Success.

Mayfair Asy Coat

WtR Mayfair Asy Coat £690.00

With its beautiful lapel, those perfectly placed pleats, and adorable buttons, this coat is just too cute. If I hadn’t seen WTR’s gorgeous summer collection, I would seriously be wishing it was winter right now.

Victoria Cocktail Dress

WtR Victoria Cocktail Dress £790.00

If this isn’t the dress you would sell your soul for, I don’t know what is. Just one look alerts everyone in the room to the fact that you’re a powerful and unstoppable goddess. With this in mind, we just can’t wait to unveil the best of WTR’s Spring/Summer collection. Beautiful things are in store!

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