The Easiest (and Most Stylish) Ways to Upgrade Your Work Wardrobe for Spring

The easiest (and most stylish) ways to upgrade your work wardrobe for spring

Madderson London Spring Summer 2016

The arrival of spring is synonymous with heading out for a healthy dose of shopping. All those winter cardigans? Yesterdays news. Nobody wants to be the girl who turns up to work all breathless and flustered because she decided to wear double knitwear ‘just in case’ (okay, fine… this one was me, but never again!).

Madderson London

Your work wardrobe will need an update to fly seamlessly through to spring, and here at YCB we’ve found just the right place to take you through this transition smoothly and effortlessly: Madderson London. The epitome of sleek chic, Madderson’s designs are made for Londoners, by Londoners. They’re also made in London, which makes them triply Londonian (and we all know that Londonian and fabulous are interchangeable words).

Madderson London SS16 Collection

Madderson London SS16 Collection

Here’s how to do your wardrobe a favour this spring and give it that help it’s been longing for with their latest, jaw-dropping collection:

Rediscover the dress:

Spring is ALL about frou frous, bright, contrasting colours, windswept hair and looking like the dreamiest dreamboat around. This is expected of all fashion loving city-dwellers. If someone I know isn’t channelling the uber cool, effortless bombshell look? Unfriend. Joking aside, spring was practically invented for dresses to do their screen time, so here are our two favourites:

The Kara Dress Madderson London

The Kara dress, with it’s cheeky trompe l’oeil pattern and PERFECT length is a happy cross between cocktail-sippingly fabulous and girl means business. We love.

Madderson London dress

To paraphrase Beyoncé, the Viola dress wasn’t made. It was created. Madderson’s latest dress oozes charm and chic, with its fresh blue shade and beautifully clean lines. Viola is subtle enough to re-use for a Sunday brunch yet elegant enough for maximum impact at work. Is that not perfect? What was that? Yes. Yes, it is.

A Jacket to remember:

Now that winter is finally over and our obligatory igloo coats are becoming slightly redundant, it’s time to head out and get yourself a spring jacket. Spring jackets have to be warm enough that you don’t freeze (I don’t know about you but I live in England. The weather is a fickle friend.) but airy and light enough that you don’t over-heat. Most importantly, you want to look fabulously streamlined. My weapon of choice? The Lauren Jacket:

 The Lauren Jacket Madderson London

The Lauren jacket is bold and beautiful. It’s also made with ‘super premium Italian ribbed jersey’, which… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more exciting collection of words. Super? Premium? Italian? Essentially, this jacket is unstoppable.

Find your skirt-mate:

This spring, we can finally start wearing skirts to work without our legs freezing off (this is the moment I spend most of my winter waiting for). So get out there, and find your skirt-mate- the skirt that will accompany you through thick and thin, through client meetings, emergency coffee stops and midday breaks. Your skirt-mate is your spirit animal, your soul sister, and your fellow warrior all at the same time. Here’s mine:

The Gina Skirt Madderson London

The Gina skirt means business. Paired with a gorgeously ruffled, no-nonsense top, you will look magnificent and unstoppable. Which leads me to my next point:

Textures are a girl’s best friend:

This does not, however, mean you should pile on the layers. Au contraire, try using different forms and textures to create a layered look. Leonie is, in my humble opinion, an excellent example of this:

Leonie Madderson London

With Leonie, you may be wearing one top, but it packs the wow factor of a dozen tops. Sharp, defined, yet beautifully ruffled and airy, you’ll look every bit the business whilst retaining a feminine, alluring edge (the most important edge of all!).

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