Young Talent: The Bardou & Charlie May London Fashion Week Event

Young talent: The Bardou & Charlie May London Fashion Week event

Charlie May press event at London Fashion Week

The Bardou and Charlie May’s event at London Fashion Week brought together three of my very favourite things: Champagne, Canapés, and Blowdrys. I mean, how can you possibly beat a soirée of getting your hair whipped up into film star quality fabulousness, all while being regaled with bubbles and blissful fingerfoods (grilled halloumi and pepper brochettes anyone?). That’s right. You can’t.

The pop up party at The Library was buzzing, not least because throngs of fashionistas and bloggeuses were arriving in a constant stream of fashion-forward outfits (I mean, they looked like they had actually stepped out of catalogues), for a relaxing chat, blowdry, and a prosecco between shows. Atmosphere? Awesome. Now for the brands themselves:

Fashion Blogger turned designer Charlie May has been taking the London fashion scene by storm since her début in 2011, with her refreshing focus on silhouette, quality fabrics (we’re talking wools, alpacas, and cashmere goodness!) and beautiful, subtle colours. Brought up in Devon, Charlie’s collections channel the windswept coolness that lucky Devoners seem to embody, whilst being comfy, wearable, and EXTREMELY stylish (please, just look at these shoes. Want some too? Now we’re on the same page).

Blogger turned designer Charlie May

Charlie May’s outfits are the perfect mix between wearable and discretely dramatic: you walk the fine line, and you walk it well. Her coats are gorgeous, with authoritative, striking outlines and an impressive attention to detail.

Charlie May Satin Jumpsuit

Charlie May Split Dress

Charlie May Collection

My fave? This one here. To say that I want one is an understatement. I’m daydreaming about it as we speak! If you’d like to find out more about her looks, please take a tour of her website (and be sure to stalk her Instagram here.) for some looks that will knock your socks off.

As for The Bardou? The luxury salon has a team of first class stylists, all passionate about giving clients the most gorgeous tresses imaginable, in a style that suits you. So, don’t worry. It won’t be like that time you asked for an updo and were left looking like a hairdryer exploded in your face.

Having the power to swish-ify your look on the spot, The Bardou have also created a line of deliciously smelling products! I would like to think that this is their gift to the world, and that, in creating their range of argan oil and keratin infused shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoos, and hairsprays, they were actually exercising their social responsibility as kick ass hair stylists. The result? Volume, shine and well conditioned locks.

Charlotte Davis, Managing Director of The Bardou, is brimming with enthusiasm for this new line of products:

“We wanted to create a range of products that not only nourish your hair, but allow you to achieve styling like never before. Shampoos, conditioners and finishing sprays that make you want to swish your hair all day and that others will envy, without that feeling of being over-loaded with hairspray.”

I think we can all agree that shiny, vibrant hairdos are where our interests align! To shop their latest range and transform your haircare routine, head over to the website.

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