How to Dress Fashionably when it’s Freezing Outside

How to dress fashionably when it’s freezing outside

The winter weather, despite its glossy, snowy, santa-has-come-and-gone vibes, can be a bit of a pain. It’s cold, it’s rainy, and getting to work looking like you just stepped out of a magazine (without freezing your toes off) becomes rather tricky.

I recently treated myself to some lovely new boots for work. Upon leaving the house, due to their complete lack of grip, I immediately slid down the icy drive and landed in a puddle, staining both my outfit and my pretty new boots. Is there justice in the world? Apparently not- I turned up to work looking like I had just been ejected from a roadside trench. The moral of this story: A/ Look where you’re going. B/ Make sure your clothes are well suited to the weather.

Thankfully, there are clothes out there that can fix you up, keeping you warm and gorgeous all winter. They’re part of the ‘Olwen’ range and here at YCB we really don’t think it’s a coincidence that Olwen means ‘White Footprint’ in Welsh (welsh people know how to survive in cold climates).

Olwen are a strong advocate of timeless, versatile pieces, and are perfect for winter-time. These are are the clothes that will keep you warm and flawless (oh so flawless!) whilst you’re padding through inches of snow to get to the office.

Here are a few of my favourites:

‘In your Mind’ Knit:

Olwen Store ‘In your Mind’ Knit

They might as well call this one the ‘snow dress’. White, fluffy, and perfect either as a jumper dress or with some skin-tight trousers and heels, this one is both work chic, and winter chic. It also has a turtle-neck, which somehow makes people look so much more effortless and fashionable, with an inexplicable sense of authority about them. Like Oprah.

NYTT ‘Sarah’s Dress’:

Online boutique London Olwen Store

The epitome of rugged chic, ‘Sarah’s Dress’ is uber versatile, wearable, and warm. This is one for casual divas who wear smart/casual to work and are just effortlessly cool. Sarah’s dress can be worn off-the-shoulder or with the sleeves all ‘casually’ scrunched up.

NYTT ‘Damaged Tee’: 

Olwen Store online boutique London

Quirky, tongue-in-cheek, and extremely alluring, the ‘Damaged Tee’ works wonders in the office or with jeans on the weekends. In winter, pair with some smart trousers and watch as your colleagues’ heads start turning!

NYTT ‘Lily’ Tee:

Olwen Store

This is the T-shirt you would ditch your boyfriend for (not really, but still). In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the kind of top Justin Bieber was referring to when he told us to go and ‘love ourselves’. The sleeves are the perfect length for the winter, the top works beautifully as either a long top or tucked into a smart skirt, and the cut is oh-so-flattering (no boxy T-shirts for you!).

‘Night Call’ Coat:

how to dress fashionably when its winter

This coat is simple, elegant, and versatile, whilst feeling like you’re tucked into your very own dressing gown at home. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re at home snuggling whilst others look on in amazement? It’s just like magic.

Silver Leaf Necklace:

Silver leaf necklace Olwen Store

This one may not keep you warm, but it is the perfect companion for your pretty new Olwen wardrobe. These necklaces are all handmade, so nobody will be walking around with the same one, and you’ll know that someone spent hours lovingly making it for you. What’s more? There’s a matching ring.

Rashina Gajjar

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