Stay Chic in the Rain with Elegant Umbrellas

Stay chic in the rain with elegant umbrellas

Learn to dance in the rain with umbrellas as stylish as you are

Laurence Groux umbrellas

Victoriana, brocade, tweed and metallics – just some of the glorious new season trends we can’t wait to wear this winter. What we cannot bear, however, is the thought of the delightful outfits we’re about to buy getting drenched by downpours before the day has even begun. We need a guardian angel to protect our outfits. No, not just protect our outfits – enhance them. In order to both save and enrich our suede and silk looks, we need a luxurious umbrella as elegant and timeless as we are.

Laurence Groux umbrella in hand, we’re going to be praying for rainfall all winter long. We’ll be learning how to dance in the rain, realising that it need not dampen our spirits! Yes, with their artisan prints and patterns, speeding straight to the top of our AW15/16 lust list are Laurence Groux’s opulent umbrellas. This is not just any old flimsy umbrella, the type you buy on the cheap when you’re unexpectedly caught in a flood. Oh no; Groux’s pieces are fast drying, lightweight and can withstand the toughest of winds. The durability and quality of the designs is impeccable.

Laurence Groux elegant umbrellas made in New York

With the practicalities taken care of, your relationship with the elements need no longer be a battle. Instead, you’ll be energised by the refreshing raindrops falling on your skin. You’ll see the romance in the rain; it can be as soft as it is passionate. It has a distinctive smell, a calming sound, and an enchanting way of bringing nature’s colours to life.

Elegant umbrellas made in New York

Now associating rain with romance, you’ll begin to see the endless possibilities for fashion statements to be made with the umbrella as your central accessory. Hand crafted in France and Italy, the minimal production numbers safeguard the brand’s authenticity, as well as the designer’s quest for that timeless elegance we all strive to achieve. ‘I don’t pay attention to trends’, Laurence tells us. ‘When I create a design, I think: ‘would it work with a Coco Chanel outfit, a Halston or a Christian Dior dress? Would it defy time?’’ Like a snakeskin leather bag or the glistening chandelier earrings that have been passed down through generations, Laurence Groux’s umbrellas will become the centrepiece of your look. Their intricate designs will thrust you to the forefront of fashion in super chic white and pink, luxe gold, and seasonally appropriate burgundy.

Laurence Groux

Laurence explains that her umbrellas were always envisioned as art pieces, and reminds us that we too are blank canvases on which we can paint a striking story. ‘Creating a beautiful outfit is like having a sense of composition when creating an art piece. You are that art piece, from head to toes transcending your beauty from inside’. Why would you spend precious time on an outfit only for it to end up hidden under an umbrella that doesn’t make an equally impressive statement? ‘There is nothing worse in my opinion than to see an elegant woman dressed to a T under a crappy distended black folding umbrella. There is a certain elegance emanating from carrying a walking umbrella. Add to it an exquisite design on that umbrella and you will be stared at in the street and stand out from the crowd’.

Think Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard at the end of Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Gene Kelly singing his heart out in the rain; embrace their optimism. Embrace their heart warming ability to turn what many think of as dull and dreary in to something positively beautiful. Be bold, be yourself, and shine through the rain with Laurence Groux on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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