End of Summer Obsession: Halter Neck Swimsuits

End of summer obsession: halter neck swimsuits

SUMARIE halter neck swimsuits

We don’t know about you, but we’re really not ready for summer to end. The last few months have been spent being seduced by sunsets at our favourite roof top bars; we’ve been treated to a whole host of tropical cocktails; we’ve been spoilt with sun streaming through the office windows. Now, we can already feel our hearts beginning to break as the days get shorter and A/W trends start to creep in to clothes stores. No, we’re not quite ready to give up on our summer of love; we want one last fling.

All summer we’ve flirted with bikinis – a bandeau here, a high-waisted brief there – but we’re now ready to dive head first in to a lasting relationship with our biggest end of summer obsession: the halterneck swimsuit. Elegant, with modern sex appeal, the halterneck swimsuit guarantees the silhouette of a goddess.

SUMARIE halter neck swinsuits

Halter neck swimsuits

Available in a variety of classic neutrals, we’re crushing on SUMARIE’s SS16 collection. Finding inspiration in everything from the colours of a striking sunset to the glamour of an old French film, the Notting Hill-based designer has fashioned the most sophisticated of summer swimwear to highlight the beauty of the female body.


Known for experimentation with innovative textiles and textures, these swimsuits can be trusted to hold their shape, and hold us in all at the same time. If we’re truly going to be making the most of the last days of summer we can’t be expected to sit deadly still lest a flimsy swimsuit slips and lets us down! No, we’ll feel more than safe in the sturdy grasp of thick lycra and a chic quilted panel around the waist.

Much like Mr Timberlake, we’re also keen on bringing sexy back. We love that halter neck swimsuits quite literally flip traditional notions of what flesh to flaunt by the pool. It’s perhaps more subtle, more coy, more teasing to bare your back on the beach. Plus, in practical terms, it ensures an even tan without having to fiddle with pesky fasteners.

This, we firmly believe, will be a lasting love. Packing for city or spa breaks over the winter and on in to early spring we perhaps feel a little frivolous opting for a tiny bikini. It just doesn’t feel quite right if the sun’s not blazing down on us. However, a halter neck swimsuit will satisfy all our needs, remaining weather and occasion appropriate even after the summer’s over (but we’re not talking about that yet, obviously).

So go on, resist the end of summer just a little bit longer – take the plunge in a halter neck swimsuit!

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