Celebrities Flock to Wear Naked Lena Dunham on Their Chests

Celebrities flock to wear naked Lena Dunham on their chests

We’ve spotted: Jaime KingLeslie Mann and Judd Apatow, Busy Phillips, Jack Antonoff, Sarah Silverman, and even Lena herself Instagram’ng the tee made in her honor!

Jamie King is rocking the Lena Dunham tee

We’re big Lena Dunham fans over at Your Coffee Break, and we’re not the only ones! Aside from all us regular folk hoping to one day be the feminist icon’s BFF, Dunham has a small army of supporters throughout the entertainment industry, and recently, they’ve been showing their support for the Girls creator with their fashion choices.

Big-name celebs like Jaime King, Busy Phillips, Sarah Silverman, Leslie Mann, Judd Apatow and Lena’s own boyfriend Jack Antonoff have all been wearing a shirt to rep their girl Lena in a whole new way. The birthday suit themed tee from Clashist features some of the Dunham’s most memorable moments from Girls to celebrate her beauty, humour and body confidence.

Jamie King is rocking Lena Dunham t-shirt

Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow loved the tee (and Dunham) so much they both squeezed into one shirt, and Jaime King noted she’s happy to rep her naked best bud on her clothes. Meanwhile, Dunham herself called the tee ‘the most delightful thing that’s ever happened’ in an Instagram post.

Since Lena Dunham stepped onto the scene with the premiere of her HBO show, she’s been a passionate and pragmatic voice for the feminist cause. Body confidence is only one of the ways she seeks to give women everywhere a massive boost. The shirt — which features a topless Lena Dunham playing ping pong, a topless Lena Dunham eating cake, and a topless Lena Dunham sitting on the beach — is the perfect, quirky addition to her mission. Dunham isn’t afraid to be herself even when it breaks some conventional rules, and she isn’t afraid to bare it all. Her show is one of the first on mainstream television to show women as they truly are, imperfections and all!

Lena Dunham t-shirt

Just like Girls, the birthday suit tee challenges stereotypes and stands as a symbol for women’s rights. It even fits in perfectly with other feminist social media movements like #FreeTheNipples. It’s always empowering to see Dunham take a stand, and it’s refreshing to see the number of celebrities who are on the same page.

So maybe we can’t be Dunham’s best friend and hang out with her in our New York apartment, talking about boys and food and life, but we can appreciate her for the fantastic feminist, hilarious, powerful icon she is. Why not do it with her kickass bod all over your shirt?

Photo Courtesy of Jamie King Instagram 


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