Going on a Road Trip? Get Packing with Our Stylish Guide!

Going on a road trip? Get packing with our stylish guide!

Sometimes, the only way to cool off is to create your own breeze. Road trip, anyone? Drop the top, let your hair down and let the wind send you down the open road before the summer’s end. There’s nothing quite like cruising to destination unknown singing along to your favourite tunes (have you seen Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video?!) To ensure the stylish adventure of a lifetime we’ve joined forces with Rah Rah NYC to get you packing this summer!

Admittedly, packing for a road trip isn’t exactly easy; it’s not like a regular holiday where you might choose comfort over style for travelling, but then have numerous high-fashion ensembles ready to go for once you get to your destination. On a road trip, the time you spend travelling is the holiday. Plus, you never quite know where you’re going to end up or what exactly you’ll be doing, which, although all part of the fun, can also cause major, throwing-clothes-across-the-room frustration when attempting to pack.

So, owner of Rah Rah NYC Andra Imbornone sat down with us to create a handy guide to packing the most stylish outfits in the trunk of your car. This way, you’ll only have to worry about putting that playlist together to drown out highway sounds!

‘I gravitate to effortless pieces that speak for themselves when on the body; they’re also easy to pack and don’t wrinkle’, Andra told us. ‘It’s not like there is an iron in the trunk!’ Pointing out practicalities that we hadn’t even thought of is exactly why we’re hanging off Andra’s every word as she shares with us what she packed for her most recent jaunt.

breezy maxi dresses for traveling

‘Maxi dresses are chic but still comfortable when sitting in the car for long periods of time. Try this Gentle Fawn Maui maxi dress available in taupe or white. It’s super comfy because of the adjustable side ties & side slits’.

Maxi dresses perfect for traveling

As for tops, pack three to five depending on the length of the trip so that you can easily switch up your look without over-packing. ‘I love a good graphic tee…sparks lots of conversations, especially when you make random stops along the way’.

Loose tee for traveling

We’ve already packed an Olive + Oak stripe tank, The Laundry Room Moss Muscle Tee (praised as the softest tee ever and a customer fave), Groceries twerk tank (available in white and black), Bishop + Young lace crop top (perfect for channeling a sweet boho look) and The Laundry Room I Choose Tacos Tee (because it’s hilarious)!

Rah Rah NYC

Andra also suggests packing your go-to pair of high-wasted shorts; you’ll be able to mix and match with tops and accessories, really stretching out the number of outfits stuffed into that tote bag. The Laundry Room High-Waisted Pistol Shorts are available in three colours.Bad hair? Who cares?! Pack a Black Panama Hat to cover your wind tousled hair when you have to roll up the windows to make a quick trip to the gas station.

Rah Rah NYC

Panama hat perfect for traveling

Lulu Jewelry Tattoos are preferred by Rah Rah NYC’s founder over her precious treasures any day when out on the road. Who wants to risk losing an expensive ring when you throw your hands up to the beat of your favourite song in that convertible? Instead, throw a pack of tattoos in your bag and change your temp accessories everyday! You have the option of gold, silver or both – mixing metals is always a good idea.

But don’t forget underwear! C’mon, it happens, and you don’t want this to happen to you. For ultimate comfort, it’s worth packing at least one pack of Commando panties. They’re comfortable and come in fab colours. Try the thong or boy-short cut – your choice!

You can pack all of these items in a small travel bag and have extra room to bring back souvenirs that you pick up along the way. How perfect is that?

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