Channel Your Favourite Mad (wo)Men with Pretty Vintage Earrings

Channel your favourite Mad (wo)Men with pretty vintage earrings

Mad Men appropriate vintage earrings

Not since Sex and the City has a television show shaped the fashion zeitgeist with quite the reach as AMC’s Mad Men. When it comes to the show’s meteoric rise to TV fame, we find ourselves wondering if it was a what-came-first-chicken-or-egg situation: did the killer fashion make the show a hit, or did the characters and witty writing thrust vintage style into a brighter spotlight? Either way, what’s for sure is that Mad Men brought a new level of consciousness to how spectacular clothing of that period—late ‘50s and early 60s—really was.

The likes of Michael Kors and Thom Browne have been inspired by the show’s style, and Mad Men mania has swept up more than a few of us here at YCB too. The final episode was a phenomenal hit, drawing in a whopping 4.6 million viewers, but even though Mad Men has come to an end *sob*, it’s definitely not the end for our vintage obsession!

Of course, not everybody can fit into wasp-waisted vintage dresses, but you can always channel your favourite Mad (wo)Man by adding a touch of vintage flair through accessories, and our latest vintage crush is this collection of pretty earrings from Rebeca Buttons, which are all made from vintage buttons.

‘Rebeca Buttons started when my grandma and I were looking at some of her button collection. In fact, buttons were always a part of my life, as much as my nan. She used to be a tailor and ever since I can remember I’ve been surrounded by fabrics, threads and of course the magic buttons’, says the hands and brains behind the line Rebeca Quental dos Santos.

Much like us, Rebeca shares a love for vintage fashion. Incidentally, she also shares our Mad Men obsession (she really is our kind of woman!) ‘The 60s were a time of freedom and where new ideas came around. For instance furniture and clothes got a new twist of colours and patterns. In Mad Men all of that is omnipresent. We can see this in the women’s clothes and accessories, in bright colours and classy patterns’.

So then, the real questions is how do we get the Emmy-nominated Mad Men style without looking like we’re wearing a costume?

Always looking for an excuse to rummage through a vintage jewellery box, we’ve rounded up our favourites to bring you a guide on how to wear vintage jewellery to channel career-girl wardrobe Peggy Olsen, yummy mummy Betty Francis or sassy secretary Joan Harris.

Peggy Olsen

Peggy Olsen vintage earrings

Peggy’s style is plaid, pleats, polka dots, big bows at the neck and kitten heels. We’d pair a checked a-line skirt with a peter-pan collared blouse, and these white and gold stone earrings.

Betty Draper

Betty Draper vintage earrings

A shirtwaist dress with a full skirt, gloves, matching crocodile handbag and shoes, red lipstick and of course pearls. Betty is rarely seen without pearls, so these half moon earrings are perfect! For a more casual Betty, we image these cherry ones. Pair with a sweetheart neckline bralette, high-waisted shorts and a refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola, and you’re set (preferably, Don would be there too!)

Joan Holloway

Joan Holloway vintage earrings

Joan is all about jewel-toned sheaths fitted to perfection to showcase her enviable hourglass figure, over sized handbag with a printed scarf tied on the handle and matching pumps. She loves bright colours, so for her we’re picturing these silver and green studs. Of course, she’d look good in anything, so these black adorned gold earrings would do just fine too!

Before a Mad (Wo)Man leaves the house, how does she complete her outfit? Pretty vintage earrings, one last look in the mirror, a wink and a smile!

Olivia Cassano

Olivia is a 21 year-old journalist living in London. As a Media and Communications graduate, she is a self-confessed pop culture aficionada, social media fanatic, and gender rights activist. Originally from Italy, she is a foodie and health nut but strongly believes mac’n’cheese should be its own food group.

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