Getting Inspired by Sandy Simonian, a Jewellery Designer with a Major Sense of Wanderlust

Getting inspired by Sandy Simonian, a jewellery designer with a major sense of wanderlust

A truly unique approach to jewellery, Sandy Simonian creates timeless, artistic pieces that are innovative and appealing to art jewellery lovers from around the globe. In her light-filled studio overlooking volcanoes and dreamy Hawaiian beaches, this true artist takes in the Pacific Ocean views while designing her collections. Influenced by her world travels to exotic locations such as Africa and Papa New Guinea, this designer collects everything from diamonds and gemstones to old shell currency and antique elements!

Jewellery designer Sandy Simonian“Making jewellery is an expression of the many things I enjoy. My unique collections consist of one-of-a-kind collected artifacts and objects made with natural elements that I acquire throughout my travels,’ Sandy explains. “These travels have ranged from the mountains of California in search of beautiful mushrooms to the mountains of Bhutan in search of a perfect hidden monastery; from the sands of Africa to the rocky shores of Antarctica. All the while, I am in quest of the perfect elements to make my jewellery distinctive,”

Sandy’s inspiration also comes from bold colours and unique textures often found in nature. Being the visual person that she is, Sandy finds it stimulating to work with unusual elements that keep her work exciting and current. She enjoys viewing her materials at first in a collage format and then letting her imagination run free.

Sandy Simonian JewelleryLiving in Hawaii plays a major role in the execution of her visions and development of her projects. “I love the ocean and many of my pieces include elements from the sea. I’m inspired by the gorgeous blue and green colour combinations. I use antique coral, black coral branches, sharks teeth, fish vertebrae, fossils and seashells in my collections,” Sandy says.

Sandy loves stacking bracelets and layering necklaces. Her pieces lend themselves to laying one over the other. She especially likes combining blues, greens and grays together and using the colours of the earth with natural elements like trilobites and fossils.

“At a young age I was always interested in design and creating. In my twenties I founded a swimwear sportswear company and was involved in the fashion industry for several years. In 2006 I was making bracelets for myself and went shopping at a well known high-end store in Newport Beach, California. The owner noticed my bracelets and said she would love to sell them in her store. And so, that’s how it all started! I extended my collection to include necklaces and earrings and the rest is history,” Sandy explains to YCB.

Sandy SimonianDiamond Anchor & Clasp Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet, $1,288.00

Hawaiian jewelleryDiamond Lock Tahitian Pearl Kyanite Wrap Bracelet, $1,448.00

Today, Sandy manages her business with two assistants and has named her collection “88” for its global significance. 88 means good luck and fortune in the Chinese culture, says ‘hugs & kisses’ in Morse code, and also can be found in the 88 constellations of the night sky. As 88 is also a double infinity symbol, Sandy hopes her unique creations bring you luck, love and star-lit wishes.

Sandy SimonianDiamond Link & Feather Chain Ebony Wood Necklace, $1,988.00

“My wanderlust takes over and I am hoping my next adventure will be a visit to Tunisia and Morocco. I’m inspired by antique textiles and textures from unique global destinations.” We are so excited to see what adventures inspire her next collections!

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