Here’s How To Rock SS15’s It Shoe: Teva Sandals

Here’s how to rock SS15’s It shoe: Teva sandals

Teva S15 sandals

Ugly shoe, dad sandals—call it what you want, it’s semantics. Bottom line, Teva’s are the SS15 It Shoe, and here’s a secret… it’s the comeback we’ve been waiting for! So, here’s how to wear Tevas without offending all of your sartorially minded friends.

Forget dainty kitten heels or towering stilettos. The sandal to be seen in this summer is the “ugly shoe”: footwear that is hefty, flat and defiantly unsexy. All signs point to embracing a chunkier way of life this season and no, we’re not talking about waistlines (thanks to the return of the crop top). Blame it on the Birkenstock, but it’s official: dad sandals are happening.

Teva-S15 Original Sandal Leather Metallic

Taking the sandal off of the hiking path and onto the runway were none other than Céline, Prada and Givenchy – and celebrities like Alexa ChungRebecca Hall and Jamie Chung. The ugly shoe trend encapsulates a variety of styles, from Céline’s neoprene pool sliders to sequinned hiking sandals at Prada and Marc Jacobs to Givenchy’s luxe, floral Birkenstock-inspired sandals. Meanwhile, Burberry, splashed dorky comfort sandals in primary colours and Italian arbiter of cool Marni elevated the moulded tread into a flatform, as seen on the queen of fashion blogging Chiara Ferragni.

The origin of this season’s must-have look? 1984: the birth of the Teva sandal. The fashion powers at be reclaimed Teva sandals from tourists by giving the Velcro-laden shoes a new high fashion life. If Birkenstocks reigned supreme last summer, this one will surely go down as the season of Teva. As trends turned towards the more practical end of the scale—see ‘normcore’—we’ve become accustomed to comfort and functionality, even at the cost of style, when it comes to our feet. You need only look at the additional resurgence of the Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe or Vans’s classic slip-on skate shoe for further proof. After all, UGGs make an appearance every AW, and no one seems to prefer frostbites over the chunky, furry boot.

Fashion bloggers sporting Teva sandals

Back in the day, Teva was synonym of practical, less-than-stylish outdoorsman, but things are different now. The company has upped their game by collaborating with cool brands like Opening Ceremony and Nasty Gal and has even gotten its sandals onto the feet of some pretty major celebs. What’s more? It’s getting a healthy backing on Instagram via various fashion bloggers, one of the surest signs that a trend has really taken hold. It might just be time to toss the flip flop, my friends, because Tevas are having a renaissance.

So how do you rock the Teva without looking like your father in 1992? Well, first of all omit the white sock, and secondly, read below:

Channel Your Inner Prep

Beige shorts, a blue plaid button-up and a pair of Teva’s will give you that clean-cut, preppy look that will make people think you’re off to the yacht club for lobster rolls (even if you’re just grabbing a sandwich from Pret and eating it at your desk. What? We’re busy, okay?) Add a nautical-inspired accessory to polish off the look, and you’re ready to sail away.

Double Up The Dork

Teva’s are notoriously dorky, there’s no escaping it. So just embrace the look and go all out with a dungaree. Chic it up with a striped Breton tee and a messy topknot—but NO scrunchie!

Back To The 90s

Teva’s are the ultimate throwback to any 90’s childhood, so why not make it a real nostalgia moment and pair these flatforms with a halter neck bodycon and an oversized denim jacket for a grungy feel? Throw in Wannabe playing on your Walkman and it’s like you’re back to your preteen years.


You may look like you’re ready to shoot some hoops, but who are we kidding… Rock two of the season’s hottest trends in one: the ugly shoe and the athletic vibe. Fishnet and neoprene are much welcomed when worn with these varsity-inspired sandals.

Festival Fun

We’re well in the middle of festival season, and if you’ve still got a couple of sweaty rave sessions to go, bag yourself a few extra hours of dancing and go for comfort—that means omit the wedges—but keep it vibrant and opt for this metallic gold pair. Of course high waisted cut-offs and fringes are a must.

Prepare for those calves to get a workout this season, because if your shoes aren’t adding ten pounds to the scale, you’re doing it wrong. Extra points if you wear them on an Insta-hiking holiday (make sure to hastag #OriginalSummer).

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