How To Wear Head To Toe White

How to wear head to toe white

How to wear head to toe white

Something about spring makes us crave simplicity – maybe it’s the fresh air, or the relief of shedding all the winter layers.  And nothing is more simple than an all white ensemble.  With this said, we do recognize that wearing all-white can be difficult to pull off.  So, we’ve scoured the Internet for some tips and inspiration.

Stick to one-pieces.  

How to wear all white at work

The easiest way to pull off this style is to stick to pre-made outfits. We recommend dresses and jumpers.  For example, this white pop-over dress by Maggy London is the perfect statement piece for work and social events! Or, this white jumpsuit is perfect for a work suiting option – just add a white (or any other colour or patterned) blazer!

Material matters.

Unfortunately, white is one of those colors that in certain materials looks really cheap or flimsy.  Think of that one white cardigan you had as a little girl that wore out so quickly – between the arm pit stains and the wear all over, cheap white pieces rarely last long.  So, invest in the good stuff.  Splurge for a white silky blouse like this Hugo one or one of J.Crew’s classic cardigans.

Mix and match.

How to wear all white in the office

For those of you who are more willing to play around with your looks, try mixing and matching the white pieces in your wardrobe. For example, pair a silky white top with a white eyelet skirt. Or, white slacks with a white crochet top.  The key is to mix textures, not necessarily the materials. Also, make sure to keep at least one of the main pieces in your outfit simple and classic.


Wearing all white is literally a blank canvas, so you can have more fun with your accessories. There are two basic options: (1) classic gold or silver jewelry, or (2) bold, statement pieces. For option one, go for a simple gold pendent like this and nude pumps. For option two, you can try pretty floral pumps or a statement necklace in a pretty color.

Do you ever wear monochromatic white? Let us know in the comments below!

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