Real Spring Blossoms! Dressing For A Lazy Weekend In Luxury Loungewear

Real spring blossoms! Dressing for a lazy weekend in luxury loungewear

Comfortable kimonos and loungewear in silk satin

As we officially move in to spring, flowers are starting to bloom and pink blossom is beginning to peek through on trees. But in order to grow, thrive, and reach their full potential they’ll need a little TLC…

We ambitious career women are much the same. Working ourselves in to the ground during the week, it’s vital that we take advantage of lazy weekends to retain our glow and vitality in order for our next working week to bear fruit. Is there anything more blissful than swanning around the apartment in luxury loungewear, basking in the warmth of spring’s sun? We’re not sure that there is. So from now on we’re going to be spending Saturdays and Sundays in Violet and Wren’s weekend wonderland – a place where sumptuous butter-soft silks caress our skin and intoxicating floral designs lift our mood as we sit down to take an extra long coffee break.

Loungewear in silk satin  Silk pajamas in floral prints

Violet & Wren loungewear in silk

‘The Violet and Wren woman’, the brand’s founders Louise Barnard and Helen Pollington tell us, ‘is creative, confident and professional. She has an exuberant approach to life, works hard in an area she loves, and values the importance of relaxation to rebalance and indulge’. Loungewear, perhaps sitting somewhere between pyjamas and clothes, encourages a mindset for unwinding and reflecting. It inspires the cosy me-time of pyjamas, without compromising on the style and design you’re so discerning about in the outside world.

Pretty pyjamas sets in silk

Violet & Wren

Louise and Helen describe how they wanted to elevate loungewear, maintaining the comfort of the traditional choice of the humble jogging bottom, whilst adding an element of luxury and glamour: ‘our shapes are relaxed with a sports luxe vibe for a modern, more directional look’. In keeping with Violet and Wren’s unexpected and contemporary twists, there are hints of neon brights and sports inspired silhouettes juxtaposed with delicate lace detailing and spell-bindingly feminine florals.

In order for loungewear to be truly successful, Violet and Wren ensure their pieces are adaptable, able to transcend the home environment and be styled with your high fashion wardrobe too. That, Louise and Helen tell us, is when loungewear becomes a state of mind: ‘a little everyday luxury wherever you are’. Proving their point, Louise and Helen talked us through an entire weekend in their Violet and Wren wonderland.

For a Friday night snuggled up in bed catching up on boxsets with your other half, Violet and Wren’s Odessa slip and Florence knicker in Magnolia Glow is effortlessly seductive. Waking up the next morning to sun streaming through the trees, the Jena Pyjama top in print or plain can be tucked into wide leg culottes or a 70s A line denim skirt for a relaxed brunch at home with friends. Come the evening, a glass of wine and a pampering session with the girls should be paired with the Lacquered Rose Eden kimono over a tank and skinny jeans. ‘Simple, flawless, chic!’

On those all-too-rare lazy Sunday mornings alone with a coffee and a magazine, style a denim shirt over the Glasshouse Palm print Marjorelle tank, which Louise and Helen suggest mis-matching with a pair of Violet Haze Kew pants for relaxed elegance at its best. Spending the rest of the day quietly pottering around the house, the Glasshouse Palm Orla shorts with an oversized tee looks relaxed and directional with cosy cashmere socks.

Louise and Helen describe their ideal lazy weekend as an all important lie in, brunch at Duck and Waffle (‘having missed breakfast, oops!’), a leisurely stroll down Columbia Road, lusting over beautiful flowers, before curling up at home with an old movie and a glass of wine. Whatever your ideal weekend, make it a lazy one to ensure you blossom in to the successful professional you know you have the potential to be come Monday!

To spend the weekend with Violet and Wren and re-emerge rosy cheeked and ready to take on the world, visit, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @violetandwren, and on Facebook violetandwren!

Stock will be arriving at the end of April to support their soon to be launched online store.

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