Why We Are Loving Nikki Stark’s Mother-Daughter Inspired Jewellery

Why we are loving Nikki Stark’s mother-daughter inspired jewellery

Your mother is guaranteed to love these jewellery pieces, forever.

Nikki Stark

My mother has worn the same jewellery for over a decade, and not for lack of options. The white gold diamond earrings and matching pendant necklace my father and I bought for her birthday, the custom-made gold ring with a heart charm that has my fathers, brothers and my initials engraved in cursive, and a Tiffany-cut diamond wedding ring. She never takes these pieces off, simply because they are more than just accessories, they are memories and emotional investments.

Jewellery, like style, is subjective. Although accessorizing can often default to current fashion trends (tribal statement necklaces and midi rings, anyone?), the pieces that mean the most to us are those which will last over the years. So when we came across jeweler Nikki Stark,who handcrafts her timeless pieces with care, attention and love, it’s hard not to get excited.

Mother-daughter jewellery

jewelry for mothers day

Nikki tells YCB that one of the reasons that she loves making jewellery is the personal connection and tactile nature of a piece of jewellery as opposed to a painting or artwork of some kind.

Nikki’s passion resonates through when we learned that the artist first started creating jewellery at the age of ten, making fimo clay necklaces and earrings; and although it was a short-lived business, it channelled her passion for experimenting with materials and processes.

Nikki Stark

All of her pieces are handcrafted, be it bespoke or not, using traditional lost techniques such as wax carving. “Metalwork is so deeply satisfying, a craft which in some ways has barely changed for thousands of years”,explains the founder.

Over the years Nikki has developed a personal design that is distinctive yet abstract enough that it leaves others space to interpret it as they wish. The pieces are chic and understated, and, as she puts it, “intended to be lived with for many years, to be a small statement of individuality, something which speaks to its owner”.

Nikki named her Stella collection after flying saucers, but says people have told her it reminds them of seeds pods and smarties, while her Anastasia charms are Christmas baubles, but also pendulums and sweets.“I love the idea of someone else picking one of my pieces because of another object has some personal meaning for them, making it their own”,she says.

Needless to say, any woman we know would be thrilled to be gifted a piece from Nikki Stark’s timeless collection (we’re currently lusting over her wishbone rings). With Mothering Sunday coming up in the US why not show your mum how unique and special she is with an equally unique and special piece.

So to find the perfect present for your mother, that she will treasure forever click through Nikki Starks jewellery range here for a dose of bling!

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