Personalise Your Petite Workwear For Spring

The best things come in small packages: personalise your petite workwear for spring

It’s safe to say we’re all letting out a collective groan about how long and cold this winter’s been. We keep ruining our suede boots falling in to deceptively deep puddles, and don’t even get us started on our ongoing battle with our permanently inside out umbrellas. Swamped in scarves and sweaters we can’t help dreaming about beautiful, warm (ok we won’t push it – mild) springtime. Technically the first day of spring is less than a month away so, ever organised when it comes to our wardrobes, we’ve decided to start planning ahead.

Now here at the YCB offices we’re blessed with a number of smaller-than-average writers – although don’t let that fool you, what they lack in height they make up for in passion and ambition – who are always complaining about what a nightmare it is finding clothes that fit properly. A particular issue when it comes to workwear, they’re often forced to stumble in to the office in too-long-trousers, or give the rest of us deathly stares when we tell them we love their new maxi dress …it was meant to be a mini skirt. It can be hugely expensive to get everything taken up, not to mention it’s just a hassle to keep going back and forth to the tailor.

If our vertically challenged YCB ladies are anything to go by, the best things sometimes really do come in small packages (err hello, diamond rings!), and London based label Jeetly takes that to heart. Their designs are created specially for petite women, 5ft3 and under!

Jeetly Petite

Founder Jess Jeetly, 5ft1 herself, is on a mission to not only make sure shorter women can find clothes that fit their specific proportions, but to democratise the fashion industry too. In a groundbreaking move, Jeetly gives real women the chance to design the workwear collection via the collaborative design and voting process. Jeetly showcases samples online and customers can make changes to their designs and vote them in or out of production for the next collection. Plus, not only does the customer with the best design suggestion get the item named after them, they also get it free when it’s retailed! Forget having a Mulberry bag named after us, we want to parade around in our personalised Jeetly pieces!

So in honor of all the petite (and non-petite!) ladies out there, we’ve selected and styled our favourite picks for our new season work wardrobes. This spring your clothes won’t just look amazing, they’ll have the novelty of fitting amazingly too.

One of our favourite basics is a crisp, clean blazer or jacket. While black is always a safe go-to, navy is just as sophisticated but has the added excitement of being slightly unexpected. A navy wrap front jacket is professional enough to wear to a board meeting, while the cinched tie will subtly accentuate your waist. We’ll be pairing this jacket with a skinny pair of trousers, pumps, and a simple gold necklace. And a red lip never hurts to juxtapose the striking blue!

Workwear for petite women - Jeetly Petite

Coats can be a particular issue for petite women; we know ‘oversized’ is a fashion buzzword and all, but drowning in swathes of material unfortunately does not come under the cool, oversized category. This  classic black coat ties at the waist and is perfect for those breezier April mornings when spring hasn’t fully sprung yet. If you like to avoid black in favour of a bit of colour once it’s officially spring, it also comes in a camel that would pair perfectly with absolutely anything. Throw on bold heels and sparkly earrings to accessorize this staple piece and take it from simple to stunning.

Now for what to put under the coat… let’s talk about this knee-length houndstooth dress. The leather trim along the collar, sleeves, and belt adds a sexy touch, and houndstooth is great for spring since it’s a little more unique than the expected floral print. We’d wear this with block colour court heels to let the dress take center stage, while a slinky bracelet or pearl earrings would complement the dress without overpowering it. Bonus points: this piece would look just as good for a casual day in the office as it would for a dinner meeting with a new client.

Lastly, to finish off our spring wardrobe, we’re lusting over this grey pencil skirt thanks to its leather waistband. Tuck in a white button-up shirt and slip on black heels for a slightly more ‘look at me’ take on corporate monochrome styling. While this skirt is a bit more formal, when paired with a sheer tank and a pin-straight hair, it could work just as well for cocktail hour!

Petite outfits for work from Jeetly Petite

Jeetly might be catering to small women, but the brand has big dreams: having started with workwear collections, they plan on expanding into further collections for aspirational petite city girls later this year too. Keep an eye on the website to have your say in the design process – Alexa, Cara and their Mulberry’s can eat their hearts out!

Madison Feller

Madison is a student at the University of Missouri, where she studies magazine journalism, business and computer science. She is a freelance journalist and has previously written for the Columbia Missourian, Levo League, and her work has appeared in Business Insider. Follow her at @_madisonline where she regularly tweets about teen magazines and her love of red velvet cupcakes.