Fashion Week Essentials: New York, London And Paris Wish-Lists

Fashion Week Essentials: New York, London and Paris Wish-Lists

Fashion Week Essentials

The excitement for spring fashion is palpable here at Your Coffee Break Headquarters. That’s right; the fashion season is here and the thought of warmer weather doesn’t hurt in boosting our moods, either.

We’re prepping our wardrobes, making travel plans and mapping out our favourite coffee spots (so that we don’t waste a single second trying to find a place to recharge in between shows, obviously). But, those details aren’t what keep us up at night with anticipation like little girls waiting for Santa. No, no. What’s really worrying us is: ‘WHAT WILL WE WEAR?!’

Style competitors don’t just stage the fight for the fittest on the runway, after all. Attendees are expected to be dressed to a tee at events, backstage interviews, sponsored events and after-parties, too. What makes getting dressed up even more complex is that each city has a unique style as interesting as the resident eccentrics and local hole-in-the-walls responsible for moulding its personality in the first place.

New York has the reputation of being the most contoured and commercial of the three, for example, boasting masterful, uber-glamorous styling with a focus on producing pieces with mass marketable appeal. Most designers are there to sell the freshest trends, transforming catwalks into full-on movie-like productions.

Nichole Ciotti New York Fashion Week

Meanwhile, in Paris, romance is always in bloom. The timelessness of chic classics are celebrated with new twists, of course, along with new elegant lines and accessories that elicit passion and take viewers to lands with whimsical themes.

Ah, London. It’s the like the silent, wild child of the bunch – demure and dangerous all at the same time. Think chilled, laid back vibes with statement accent pieces unevenly trimming edgy looks. Yeah, that’s London.

Rosie Fortescue London Fashion Week 2015

With the help of Ryann Lambay and Marissa Boswell, owners of BLACKLAMB, an online boutique inspired by fashion visionaries, we’ve put together our Fashion Week wish lists. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?) Oh, and since these trips won’t be for a vacation, they recommend a latte with an extra shot for running between runways.

New York (Feb. 11-19)

Favourite NYC Fashion Icon: Rick Owens

Morning Team Coffee Meeting Focal Piece: Swell Bottle in Black ($27)

FROW Focal Piece: BLACKLAMB Skull Bracelets ($98)

After-party Focal Piece: Nanushka Olive Jumpsuit ($286.40)

London (Feb. 20-24)

Favourite London Fashion Icon: Alexander McQueen

Morning Team Coffee Meeting Focal Piece: School of Life Philosopher’s Notebook Set ($33)

FROW Focal Piece: Carmine Fuchsia Wallet ($310)

London Fashion Week Essentials

After-party Focal Pieces: Collette Ishiyama Brass and Stingray Leather Cuff ($200) and BLACKLAMB Purple and Brown Agate Ring ($129)

Paris (March 4-11)

Favourite Paris Fashion Icon: Diana Vreeland

Morning Team Coffee Meeting Focal Piece: Absolution Baume ($21), Eye Contour ($50) and Addiction Oil ($75)

FROW Focal Piece: Nanushka Olive Midi Dress ($330)

After-party Focal Piece: Tracey Tanner Silver / Cobalt Geometric Leather Clutch ($71)

Black Lamb

We, like Ryann and Marissa, have special places in our hearts for New York, London and Paris that go beyond fashion tents and bright lights. Exploring the ins and outs of these amazing places and expressing the feelings we get whilst people watching and discovering little restaurants and shops is what we really hope to reflect in our fashion choices.

Just walking around with coffee and our cameras is inspiring’, they tell us. ‘The BLACKLAMB aesthetic is always evolving, but at its core it is informed by travel, the juxtaposition of high and low, colors and neutrals and the ubiquitous white shirt, of course’.

And finally, remember this advice from Ryann and Marissa on what makes an ensemble glamorous without being gaudy, simple without being plain, and edgy without being scary: it all comes down to the right amount and right kind of jewellery.

Happy Fashion Weeks!

Megan Broussard

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