Kisses For Breakfast: Wake Up Feeling Cheeky And Playful!

Kisses for breakfast: wake up feeling cheeky and playful!

It’s Valentines Day morning. What do you usually wake up to? A blaring alarm likely followed by tearing clothes off the hanger, grabbing a slice of toast before hurriedly blowing a kiss to your other half as you dash out the door. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday. Do you know what that means? No alarm and a lazy breakfast in bed, sprawled out on fresh pillows wearing nightwear that makes you completely irresistible to kisses. Yes, this year we’ll be having kisses for breakfast thanks to Eight Hour Studio please.

A sleepy Valentine’s Day morning with your man is exactly what Cupid recommends, but there’s nothing like a holey pair of trackies and a stained tee from last year’s fun run to ruin the mood. What you need to do is think ahead: go to bed in pieces that are practical enough to sleep in, but beautiful enough to entice those kisses come the morning.

Eight Hour Studio

It’s long been known that there’s little more sensual than the feel of a beautiful fabric against a woman’s skin, and with a variety of stunning hand block prints Eight Hour Studio sleepwear is easy on the eye too! ‘We’re all about creating beautiful products and a fantastic experience for our customers from the moment they engage with our brand to each and every time they wear our garments’, owner and founder Sonia tells us. Waking up in an EHS ensemble, we’re pretty sure this is a Valentine’s Day experience you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Intrigued about the name of her company, we asked Sonia what the inspiration behind it was. Each day, she explains, is broken up in to eight-hour blocks of work, play and sleep, so the sleepwear collection represents making the most of your ‘sleep time. (Although can we suggest ‘sleep’ and ‘play’ might overlap somewhat on Valentines Day?) Time as a theme continues as the collection’s colour palettes are divided in to Dawn and Dusk. ‘We find customers are generally strongly drawn to a particular colour pallete’, Sonia says, but the brand sells pieces as separates, meaning each individual can mix and match and style each piece in a way that best represents them.  

Particular attention is paid to the little details on each EHS garment. As well as the stand out use of traditional Indian woodblock printing, the brand adds luxurious and contemporary touches to the cuts, meaning the pieces are versatile enough to wear as day or beach wear as well as sleep and loungewear! So as if the investment you’re making in a great Valentine’s Day wasn’t already worth it, and Eight Hour Studio piece is an investment for the rest of the year too!

Our must-have for Valentines day is the Blazer Nightshirt, which we’re already imagining looking fabulous in the summer with strappy sandals for breakfast and coffee on the porch. ‘The blazer is from our Dawn collection, which has a very bold set of prints inspired by bright sunny mornings signaling a fresh start to the day.’

Blazer Nightshirt Eight Hour Studio

Other favourites suggested by Sonia are the Open Back Tank and Shorts in Blue. These are from ‘our Dusk collection which has a subtle and soothing set of colours and prints inspired by the sky as the sun sets’. That sounds pretty sensual to us. These pieces are perfect for a romantic weekend getaway!

PJs for Valentine's Day

While the current collection focuses on the importance of sleep, Eight Hour Studio are excited about introducing garments centred around work and play in the very near future too. Release dates and collection details are all under wraps for the moment though, so excuse us while we go back to dreaming about those breakfast kisses…

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