On The Hunt For Sunglasses That Truly Fit?

On the hunt for sunglasses that truly fit?

This tailor made-service is making it difficult to ever go back to ‘one-size fits all’

Atelier eyewear

The sun might be setting on August soon, but that’s no excuse to trade in your accessories for fall. Case in point: sunglasses. No matter how cold it is, if it’s beyond bright outside protecting those peepers is essential. Even better news, you can now get the perfect pair of sunnies completely tailored to you thanks to Atelier Eyewear. Custom eyewear is a term we can definitely get on board with!

Founded by Tim Rosen and Leslie Kent, Atelier Eyewear has been up and running since 2013. Having worked together for years previously, the collaboration developed organically after Tim began researching into the eyewear market around 2010. ‘I couldn’t understand why most glasses and sunglasses come in only one size. We have all have differently shaped faces and heads!’ Tim tells us. You can also shop now your favorite sunglasses here as it can protect your eyes. The important thing for the duo was to create something totally unique and personalised for individual customers, and that they did, opening up the eyewear market with custom optical and sunglasses for the ultimate in stylish specs. The latest collection features bold patterns and luxe shapes, we spoke to Creative Director and Designer Max Giorgetti.

Previously an alum of RayBan and Versace, Max brought a golden touch to Atelier. ‘I’m really inspired by the classic look of yesteryear subtly updated and with modern manufacturing techniques but always respecting the artisan nature of handcrafting.’ Sunglasses are the most powerful armour a woman possesses, slipping on a pair of sunnies adds an instant boost of confidence and wearing a pair that’s completely unique to you is just one step better. The custom service is essential in differentiating Atelier from being ‘just another eyewear brand’; it gives the pieces an authenticity and the customer confidence in knowing they have a ‘perfect-fit’.

Atelier eyewear

Atelier eyewear

Despite being our most precious item, sunglasses are often underrated or overlooked – not by us, of course! What most people forget is that there is a whole market of unique and individual designs out there so that there really is a pair for everybody. As designer for Atelier, it is Max’s job to stay ahead of the trends and creating pieces that are integral to the Atelier philosophy. Max’s top trend for this summer? ‘More mixing of materials like acetate and metal, more decoration and embellishment, more fantasy, greater use of mirror lenses in outrageous colours.’ It’s time to have fun with your sunnies, ladies, and Atelier is on hand to provide with bold styles like the Bowery for an old school look that’s still highly on-trend.

A custom pair typically takes 4 weeks from conception to final production, with the team sourcing materials from across the world to create the best possible eyewear for customers in the ideal shape and size. ‘Acetate comes from an old established Italian family owned company: Mazzucchelli1849. beta-Titanium from Japan; components from long established manufacturers in France and Germany; lenses from Carl Zeiss-the best in the world.’ A truly cosmopolitan pair of sunglasses right there!

Anouszka Tate and Greg Nicholls for Atelier

The fit of any sunglasses is by far the most important aspect and very few brands really look into the idea of custom fitting, which sets Atelier apart from others, even the big designers in the game. We quizzed Tim on how to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses; ‘First make sure they fit properly. This is the most important decision. Then find a pair that suits your face shape, style and personality.’ Even more convenient is that all this can be done by paying a visit to the Atelier website!

Atelier currently operates a successful e-commerce site, so it’s never been so convenient to get your sunglasses fix for Autumn/Winter, but Tim tells us expansion is on the cards for the brand, with plans to open showrooms for customers to be up close and personal with the styles and make the custom service much more intimate and bespoke. The important thing is to continue building the brand and maintaining their position in the custom eyewear sector and the team can definitely keep up, constantly providing new and exciting shapes, colours and designs all with the high quality customer service they are renowned for.

For more information and to view the entire collection, visit www.ateliereyewear.co.uk

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To snag Greg’s look, visit: www.alanpaine.co.uk

Watches are from www.rotarywatches.com

Hair and make up by Daisy Davies. 

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