We’re Shopping For Back To School Essentials With Fox+Stag

We’re shopping for back to school essentials with Fox+Stag

Shopping for back to school essentials with Fox+Stag

Ah, back to school… A time for new classes, new friends, and new adventures. No matter where you’re heading to this fall, we know you’re about to be up to your ears in football games, early morning seminars, weekend road trips, and late night bonfires. Whether you’re hopping from lecture to lecture or hopping in the car for a nature-infused getaway with friends, having the perfect accessories is the key to acing your personal style this fall.

Here at Your Coffee Break, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to hit the ground running this back to school season. And when it comes to fall essentials, we want you to be at the top of the pack, setting the trends for all of your friends. That’s why we caught up with Jonathan Woodman, tailor and designer for Fox + Stag, an up-and-coming clothing and lifestyle brand that works to strike the balance between fashion and functionality. (After all, you should be able to be cute and comfortable, right?)

Fox + Stag takes the fashion forward style of LA and blends it with the ruggedness of Maine, with items ranging from bags to hatchets, all of which Woodman says aim to encompass both beauty and strength. With a goal of making products ‘like they used to’, Fox + Stag uses old school mechanics to deliver you a classic and outdoorsy sense of style.


So we asked Woodman to share his secrets on what he thinks are the perfect back to school fashion essentials to help set you apart from the pack.

Professional iPhone case 

For those spending their time on the west coast, Woodman suggests a professional leather iPhone case because of its simplicity and durability, meaning it will keep your phone safe even when it’s bouncing around in your bag while you run to class. Bonus: The hand stitching on this case will make a bold statement next to everyone else’s plastic phone covers.

100 Year Carry-All 

Back to school bags Autumn/Winter 2014

For those heading to the east coast this fall, Woodman recommends the 100 Year Carry-All. It’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for something that can take you straight from your exam to your camping trip and back again.

We all know that the number one, absolute-must-have back to school essential is your bag and whether you’re looking for a two-strap backpack or an over-the-shoulder tote, you need something that will help you carry around all of your things while still looking pretty and polished.

Quick tip: Instead of buying a new bag every season, Woodman recommends investing in one quality product that you know will stand the test of time and won’t fall out of style.

So no matter where you’re traveling to come September, remember that this coming season is the perfect time to start building a wardrobe that truly says something about who you are and who you want to be.

“Any way you choose to express yourself, your style shows clearly in the fall.”  Woodman says. ” In the fall you get to layer. Whether you layering with a bag, a iPhone case, wallet, or scarf those items and colors are going to pop in autumn.” 

Whether you’re keen on picking up some new back to school essentials or just want to see what a beautiful hatchet looks like (trust us, it’s pretty intriguing), check out www.foxandstag.com and let us know what your must-haves for fall are in the comments below.

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