Win The Ultimate Handbag For Lazy Summer Days, Picnics And Beyond

Win the ultimate handbag for lazy summer days, picnics and beyond 

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As little girls we were always intrigued by the contents of our friends’ sequined Cinderella handbags. As we gently swung our legs back and forth on the park swings we would stare in wonderment at that little bag, pondering what goodies could be inside. A glittery eyeshadow? Some colourful hair bands perhaps? As we grew up it was our mums’ handbags that captured our imagination. She always had such seemingly magical things in there; plenty of snacks for long car journeys, spare plasters for every time we fell over, and a red lipstick that we definitely didn’t ever try on…

Nowadays, our obsession with other women’s handbags still exists, only now it’s our colleagues and other professional women we’re fascinated by. What items does she have in there to ensure her day runs smoothly? And what on earth is that secret little beauty product that she whips out to keep herself looking immaculate all day long? A woman who knows all too well the importance of the contents of our handbags is Hilde Pollet, founder of Osbelk & Co. Selling gorgeous totes, make up bags and iPad cases in playful prints and textures, Osbelk & Co inject some serious fun in to our office looks.

So, what does Hilde have in her work day handbag? Two Osbelk & Co pouches! The first one is for her desk essentials: the post-its, pens, highlighters and headphones. She explains that it also doubles as a way to mark her territory in a busy work environment: ‘the yellow diamond bag shows where I’m sitting. I don’t need a name card on my desk, my little bag says it all!’ And indeed, that’s what Hilde feels Osbelk’s pouches and make up bags should be about: adding a flash of personality. ‘A make up bag can be a bit of fun, a mad moment in your handbag’. 

It can also act as your working day survival kit; it’s perfect for tucking under your arm when dashing from meeting to meeting or nipping out for a coffee rather than having to take your bigger handbag. Keys, phone and small change are the only essentials required. Plus, you can be super co-ordinated by protecting your iPad in an Osbelk & Co case – every modern professional woman has an obscene amount of technology in her handbag!

The second Osbelk pouch inside Hilde’s bag is used for make up essentials. They’re a fair size so there’s always room for an extra lippy if you want a change of look between work and dinner, but they’re flat and compact so will slip into your handbag comfortably. ‘My bags are very much about the colours and fabrics’, Hilde tells us. ‘The graphics have a wonderful rhythm – they sing!’ 

Whilst designing her pieces she likes to imagine an understated elegant or monochrome professional look and then pick fabrics that will liven them up. As each pouch bursts with personality, it’s important to pick the one that speaks to you most. ‘A particular combination of the colours and the pattern can bring out a lot of emotion’.

So what is it we’re supposed to be putting inside our make up bags? Certainly not all our make up. Just the essentials, Hilde advises. As she points out that women generally have a party make up set and a work make up set we realise she’s definitely right: we wouldn’t want to be dragging our entire beauty cabinet along with us on the morning commute.

But yes, the essentials are important. Which products count as essential will vary between different women, but as a rule the products that’ll enhance your eyes are vital for the working day, whether that be a mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow. ‘In any professional conversation eye contact is very important to put your message across convincingly’. Expressive and persuasive eyes will get you a long way in your career!

Another rule Hilde likes to stick to in her professional life is that only one feature can take centre stage: eyes, lips or skin. ‘I rarely wear lipstick, it never survives the morning coffee!’ Stick to classy, understated make up and keep a little craziness for the bag itself. After all, your bag and what’s inside it can say a lot about you…

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