Mark Broumand – The Man Who Puts A Ring On It!

Mark Broumand – The man who puts a ring on it!

Mark Broumand engagement rings

Here at Your Coffee Break, we love everything that sparkles and for pretty much all women today, jewellery is second nature. Accessorising comes as naturally as brushing your teeth and frankly, we can’t think of a better way to give every day its own dose of glitz and glam. Jewellery also holds a sentimental meaning to women with different pieces bearing significant memories. For no piece is this more true than the engagement ring, as esteemed designer Mark Broumand knows all too well. Based in LA, Mark and his family have been in the business for over thirty years and can testify to the design process and overall attention to detail that is necessary in creating a ring that will last a lifetime. We caught up with Mark to find out about what really goes into the perfect wedding ring.

Mark BroumandIt’s a wedding ring hard to put down after learning about the story of the designer. Initially started by his family some thirty plus years ago, Mark has the jewellery industry in his nature. ‘I was fascinated by all of the different possibilities within the design and manufacturing part of the industry as well as the diamonds themselves.’ It is this kind of passion for jewellery that is not learned, Broumand was born with it and it is clear when he talks about the business and every aspect of designing. He tells Your Coffee Break, ’When I look at a diamond and all of its magnificent aspects I start envisioning an amazing setting that will showcase it perfectly. I still get very excited about it.

Classy engagement rings - Mark BroumandIt’s refreshing to hear such enthusiasm for jewellery when these days the industry is so consumed by costume jewellery or fast fashion. Where the engagement ring is concerned however, there is no room for scrimping on detail and Mark’s rings are the best of the best. A typical ring takes about four weeks for completion from start to finish, with Mark heavily involved in every aspect of the design process. The key focus being, of course, on the four C’s: cut, colour, clarity and carat weight and primarily the client brief. ‘Some clients enjoy diamonds of smaller size but of a higher quality combination. Other clients prefer maximum size. We try to choose stones with the best combination depending on the clients preference.’

Based in Los Angeles, Mark’s business is going from strength to strength and the sunshine state is a healthy dose of inspiration for his design. Citing rose gold as his favourite current trend, Mark’s pieces are known all over the world from Surrey to Sydney and he designs wide genre of styles for a whole range of women. ‘Sometimes I design for that lady in Texas that likes it BIG or the lady with a simple taste. I enjoy it all.’ Judging by his latest collection there is certainly a style for everyone, the styles are simply breathtaking and women would have very little trouble choosing the perfect ring.

Rose gold wedding rings

When it comes to bespoke design service, Mark is among the best and so it’s only natural that the women get exactly what they’re looking for in a ring. Over the years Mark’s bespoke service has led to some beautiful pieces, but none is more sentimental to him than the emerald cut diamond engagement ring he designed for his wife. The testimonials on the website are proof that the sentimental value of an engagement ring is not lost and for Mark it all starts with the initial meeting, ’I feel that the ring really radiates with all of the emotion of the client.’ This sentiment makes the design process all the more special and on completion the pieces are just magical. One of our favourite things about the brand is the dedication to clients, since the process is collaborative and you are able to really understand what a customer wants and create a totally unique piece. Mark also designs fine jewellery for the brand, but it is the emotion behind something as special as an engagement ring, wedding band or anniversary ring that draws him towards the custom design service. ‘Each and every client we have worked with has taught us just a little more.’ and it is that consistent development that brings clients both new and old to Mark.

Mark Broumand wedding rings

Mark’s success is all down to tremendous hard work, ethically sourcing diamonds himself and working tirelessly to build a strong brand. It was the case of getting the designs in front of clients that could really appreciate his work and from then on, word spread rapidly about his undeniable talent for creating the perfect ring. Despite the accessibility of diamonds now, they’ve retained an exclusivity that cannot be said for many luxury items and will always be desired by women.

Diamonds have a magical quality about them that cant be said about a lot of luxury items. When you look at a diamond by the naked eye you see all the brilliance and sparkle and beauty and then you look at it under magnification and see all the facets and special characteristics that makes each diamond unique.

Now that, ladies, is a man who knows his diamonds. Expect big things from Mark Broumand, and an even bigger engagement ring!

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