Statement Jewellery Means Power: Just Ask Amelia Bainbridge, Founder Of Auree Jewellery

Statement jewellery means power: Just ask Amelia Bainbridge, Founder of Auree Jewellery

What to wear for a breakfast meeting

Everyone has one, a little trick up their sleeve, a guaranteed confidence booster to help their career. For some it’s a pair of killer heels, for others an extra slick of red lipstick. Yes, everyone needs that little something that gives them the confidence to land a new client over breakfast, ace a presentation in the boardroom, and charm at summer work events. For us, that little something has got to be statement jewellery and a large cup of coffee, of course.

Amelia Bainbridge, founder of Auree Jewellery, a stunning jewellery collection featuring fresh coloured gemstones, beautifully crafted silver, and an array of gold pieces sourced from small designers from London to Mexico to India. Amelia is adamant that an outfit isn’t an outfit without jewellery: ‘pierced ears without earrings look like they’ve been forgotten and a bare neckline looks empty’. Accessories let you express your personality when the rest of your look needs to be toned down, so make sure you do your sunny self justice! Amelia believes that ‘inspiring, independent women should have jewellery that lives alongside them’, and it’s exactly that sentiment that makes Auree jewellery perfect for the workplace.

A client breakfast meeting

Auree JewelleryFor a breakfast meeting with a client you can afford to work a relatively relaxed vibe given you’re not strictly in an office environment. But you’ll still need a few key pieces to show you mean business, namely pointy heels and coloured gemstones. ‘Beautiful gemstones have rich association and powers – aiding sleep, bringing happiness, and promoting well being’, explains Amelia. ‘They’ve been used for protection for centuries’.

Nothing will boost your confidence on that early morning (pre coffee!) than great statement pieces. Team a relaxed jumpsuit with bold pointy stilettos in the same colour as your jewellery to really make your chosen gemstones stand out. Here at Your Coffee Break, we love the blue chalcedony necklace and earrings; they definitely suggest you’re a bright and savvy woman, and the unusual shape of Auree’s Cornflower blue and gold bangle will add an air of intrigue.

A boardroom presentation

Those statement colours and designs are great for enchanting a new client with your exuberant personality, but for giving presentations in the boardroom it’s best to opt for neutral tones and sophisticated shapes so not to draw focus from what you’re saying. Pearls and diamonds work best; delicate drop earrings and a matching pendant bring an understated touch of elegance to a monochrome office look, and mirror white polkadots particularly well!

Auree Jewellery clarendon sterling silver russian wedding ringAmelia remembers that both her grandmothers always owned beautiful jewellery, and that she loved hearing the stories behind each piece and the memories that they held. So let a piece like Auree’s smart yet graceful seven strand silver ring become the lucky charm that you always remember as having given you the confidence to overcome your pre-presentation nerves. Grasp your boxy mini-tote with your bejeweled hand and enter the boardroom with assertive poise!

A summer work event

Auree Jewellery

A summer work event is the time to stretch the workwear boundaries a little, showing your colleagues even more of the real you. To stay professional stick to longer hemlines and neat tailoring, but have fun with florals and prints, highlighting your favourite colours with clever accessorising. ‘Jewellery is the easiest way to make an outfit special’, states Amelia, ‘it’s the blow-dry of accessories – it gives glitter to something already hot!’ We love the idea of picking up on the greens in a floral blazer by adding teardrop earrings and a tiny pendant necklace. Flaunt the delicate stone by leaving the top buttons of a floaty silk shirt undone – the perfect easy breezy sophisticated look for the summer.

Even if you want your accessories to be the main attraction don’t feel the need to wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings all together: ‘always leave one thing off for a look of spontaneity’. Whichever pieces you decide to wear, Amelia suggests going for chalcedony gemstones this summer. Coming in a range of glorious colours from pinks to blues to greens, they’re believed to promote friendliness, kindness and balance of body and mind, all attributes that will come in handy as you schmooze your way round that summer work event, glass of ice cold champagne in hand.

Trustworthy, inquisitive, and exceptional. These are Auree’s core values, and also describe how you want to be perceived at work. This summer, discover how Auree jewellery can give you the confidence to take on the world by visiting


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