Get Clueless’ Fantasy Wardrobe With MixMatchMe

Get Clueless’ fantasy wardrobe with MixMatchMe


Remember that iconic scene from Clueless? ‘Every day I get up, I brush my teeth, and I pick out my school clothes’, Cher Horowitz tells us as she flicks through a series of outfit options on her computer until she finds a ‘Match’. We have seen that film countless times and always think about how easy it would be to have Cher’s outfit selector. Enter MixMatchMe, the online site which allows you to be your own Cher, choosing clothes and accessories from your favourite high street brands to build outfits for any occasion. The best part? They are all shoppable from the page, meaning your wardrobe is literally at the touch of a button in this virtual dressing room. We sat down with Managing Director Mario Faure to find out more about MixMatchMe, the inspiration behind it and the future of online shopping.

While Mario cites Clueless as inspiration for MixMatchMe, he tells us it was his wife Erin who gave him the idea. ‘We were having a drink one Friday night and she was talking about how as a student, she used to love babysitting because she could play on She explained that you could give Barbie and her house makeovers and it sparked the idea for mixing and matching with real clothes and real models.’

How to get Clueless wardrobeMixMatchMe already has an incredible roster of brands available on the site including Topshop, ASOS, Gap, Urban Outfitters and French Connection to name a few. Here at the YCB HQ, we have had fun using the site to create some fabulous looks for our office wardrobe and the beauty of MixMatchMe is that there are pieces from all your favourite stores to create looks for everything from 9-5, festivals, casual days, you name it. ‘The collection on MixMatchMe lends itself to smart-casual 9-5 workwear for the more relaxed office space, and to casual weekender wear, including outfit inspiration for all the fun the weekend brings like festivals, shopping and brunch with the girls or date night’. One of our favourite things about MixMatchMe is the ability to put together such different looks but still keeping it fresh and avoiding that monotonous feel that 9-5 dressing sometimes gives us. It’s so easy to go online and buy another black blazer or another pencil skirt because we already have one and we know it suits us, but the ability to see items on a virtual model that we might not necessarily take into the changing room is a great alternative to trying on everything in the store. Even better, as Mario puts it: ‘Imagine having your whole wardrobe online in one place so that you can lie in bed, drinking a cup of tea, while calmly Mixing and Matching to your hearts content. Problem solved!’ We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Here at Your Coffee Break there’s nothing we love more than a good shopping spree, but if we can do it from the comfort of our home with just the same satisfaction we say a big yes to that!


By now we have come across our fair share of workwear brands, but seeing them come to life on MixMatchMe is even better in helping us choose a new yet fun and colorful office-appropriate outfit. We quizzed Mario on his favourite brand for the all important 9-5 and whilst the businessman told us that although he is not a fashion stylist or expert, he turns to his wife (who always looks great!) for outfits inspiration. ‘Erin refers to Mango as a great brand for 9-5 dressing. She loves the fact that they always have an amazing range of dresses, blouses and jackets which provide the right silhouette for the season whilst staying in keeping with looking professional.

Despite having a huge range of pieces constantly fed onto the site and pieces regularly curated in the Mix & Match section, it’s easy to pick out key trends when looking at other users’ outfits. One trend Mario picked up on from his wife is monochrome. ‘She can’t get enough of it and tells me how easy it is to put together, even with a few items, and I have to agree that it looks great on her and any power woman for that matter – in summer or winter and it can easily be made smart or casual. Erin assures me that it’s not going to be a trend that you have to get rid of quickly.’ We love monochrome and its elegant simplicity, so we will definitely try it on for style on MixMatchMe here at YCB.

Before embarking on any kind of shop, online or in store, we always try to get inspiration for looks so we know what we’re shopping for, or the kind of style we are looking to put together. Mario and the team at MixMatchMe have answered yet another prayer here, by integrating their Pinterest page onto the website so users can be inspired by looks. ‘It’s a place for users to get ideas about how to wear the seasons trends before using MixMatchMe to make the trends their own.’ The wardrobe feature also allows users to save and add items from other sites so they will eventually have an entire online wardrobe, just like Cher!

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