Add A Dose Of Vintage To Your City Wardrobe

Add a dose of vintage to your city wardrobe

Sister Jane

‘Vintage’ has always been a massive buzzword in the fashion world, but thus far it’s predominately been the exclusive domain of edgy street-style bloggers and shops you’ll only discover if you’re willing to investigate unknown back alleys. Plus, as an uber-glamorous city professional you may well not have wanted in on the vintage circle anyway. Until now. Sister Jane has recognised the enduring interest in clothing from by-gone eras but create collections that, far from making us look dated, keep our looks ultra modern with surprising on-trend features like cut outs and embellishments.

Thanks to Sister Jane, adding a dash of whimsical eccentricity to your slick city wardrobe is easier than you think.

Running around London in heels trying not to spill your precious coffee is tough enough as it is, so don’t make life harder for yourself by wearing tight, restrictive clothes. A soft white blouse tucked in to a floaty skirt is perfect for hailing cabs and jumping on and off the tube. We love this modern take on the traditional bow collar. Toughen up an otherwise feminine look by adding a 60s mods and rockers inspired cropped biker jacket, and switch to a metallic mini skirt for a night out at Raffles.

Vintage treasures - Sister Jane

If you’re not quite ready to stray too far from your signature red lippy and perfect up do, team them with an elegant bright white dress and oversized black sunnies. As a midi dress it’s perfect for commanding attention at the office, but the added detailing of diamond cut outs and layering infuse it with an element of fun. Heading to Annabel’s for a glass of champagne after work? You’ll definitely make a sophisticated entrance in this!

Sister Jane

For those days when you have time to take a leisurely stroll down New Bond Street (and perhaps have a quick peek in Victoria’s Secret!) on the way to work opt for a sheer blouse in pastel colours. Balance out a traditional buttoned up collar with a flash of flesh in a double length skirt. The layering creates fabulous drama as it blows back in the summer breeze!

Anouszka Tate in Sister Jane

Living a fast-paced life in the city that is London we can forget that in amongst the built up areas there are gorgeous green parks. Take advantage of them this summer by inviting the girls to a picnic in Berkeley Square Gardens or Hyde Park. Arrive armed with the tastiest vintage wine and wearing your favourite vintage dress. This folk inspired dress is loose fitting, making it extremely comfortable, but cute embellishment and tailoring give it just enough structure. Alternatively, why not try a maxi dress? We love this modern take on polka dots and cinched in waists, both fabulous 50s trends.

Your Coffee Break's Anouszka Tate in Sister Jane

Co-ords are big this summer. If you love your 80s acid bright colours and don’t mind pushing the boundaries of what counts as a suit, sauntering in to your Mayfair office in a bold shorts and crop top combo will leave your colleagues speechless. Velvet has recently been resurrected from its 90s heyday, so if after work you’re heading to Nobu for dinner and on to Novikov for drinks rock this navy dress for the evening.

Whether you’re a vintage veteran or a bit of a nervous newbie, getting dressed with Sister Jane means you’ll always be able to incorporate a hint of old school style in to your modern city wardrobe.

Anouszka Tate

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