Finger Candy

Finger Candy

We’ve all been there, you leave the house confident in your choice of accessories, and you know you look fabulous. Skip forward three hours and the constant clanging of metal bands against your keyboard is giving you more of a headache than Pitbull’s latest song, and the weight of your ear-bling has pulled your lobes out of proportion with the rest of your face. Yes, choosing the right accessories can be a daily battle between practicality and style. Enter the ring.

Until now the humble ring has remained inconspicuous, knowing its place below the superior statement necklace and bangle collection, but the time has come for your finger candy to do the talking. Feast your eyes on this lot.

Frost your fingers with oversized statement rings. Brumani do wonderfully dramatic cocktail rings; their Nude Casual collection screams sultry elegance, whilst the bubblegum pink of the Boabab Rose is perfect for a more feminine, playful look.

The large, bold shapes of the Ti Sento Sizzles range will ensure you look like you mean business. Wear two or three together for maximum impact. JCM London’s Chalcedony silver ring with hematite has a rugged elegance, as if the huge crystal has just been dug from the ground. Alternatively, bring a bit of the countryside to your city life with Alexis Dove’s large wild rose ring.

Feel like fairytale royalty in Clogau’s Awelon woodland leaf design, or continue the bucolic theme with JCM London’s gold plated silver rings with either amethyst and zircon or green and red jade. Glimmering gold vines intertwine around huge rough cut crystals, but don’t worry, the bulk of the ring sits atop your finger so your ability to type won’t be hindered!

Maria Black precious metals

Ear cuffs and arm cuffs have had their day; embellish your extremities with the finger cuff. Marco Bicego’s Jaipur Link ring is fit for a tribal queen as rustic gold is hammered in to shape and hand carved to give it a fine, brushed texture. The JCM London Sherazade silver ring snakes around the finger like an ornate henna tattoo, and its cleverly designed shape means you’ll still have use of your knuckle when it’s on!

If you’re struggling with the suggested switch from wrist to finger candy, go for Maria Black’s double monocle ring. The delicate chain connecting two rings adds extra adornment to the hand as well as the fingers. Another way to work the double ring trend is to invest in Maria Black’s D’arling in a number of sizes to wear both above and below the knuckle – the potential combination possibilities are endless! For a delicate look treat yourself to a gemstone ring from & Other Stories and let these sugary pastel jewels peep out between your fingers.

 Finger candy

Phoebe from Friends was rocking the midi ring almost two decades ago, and now the rest of the world has finally caught up. Midi rings are great to mix and match, and when they’re as delicate as Topshop’s semi-precious ones there’s no such thing as too many, so load up ladies! SVP’s Honeycomb and Bonbon collections come in a number of colours, so stack them up in a different combination each day to instantly alter your look. It’s like pick ‘n’ mix for your pinkies!

The beauty of finger candy is that no matter how oversized or ornate the ring, it won’t get in your way. Where bangles knock incessantly against the edge of your laptop, the ring remains prominent but out of the way. Let’s not sugarcoat the issue: bracelets are out, finger candy is in.

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