The London Lookbook: Teatum Jones

The London Lookbook: Teatum Jones

Rosa Hoskins in Teatum Jones

At this time of year the weather can’t quite decide what it wants to do – is it sunny and balmy, or drizzly and freezing? London can be at the mercy of all four seasons in 24 hours. I recently went out for a day of shopping and coffee drinking with one of my best friends. I left the house in a light summery ensemble when the weather was glorious and the sun bathed the streets in a lustrous glow. By the time I got out of the tube at Waterloo, the day had darkened and the iron shroud that usually hangs over the city sky had resumed. I spent the day feeling grumpy, jaded and covered in goose bumps.

I’ve come up with an action plan to deal with unpredictable, capricious weather. The key is to wear thin layers that can easily be peeled away or added according to the rise and fall of the mercury. This dress from Teatum Jones has a bright and beautiful print, which looks fabulous in the sun. The navy panel means that it also works well with dark tights or a thin, long-sleeved black top worn underneath.

Rosa in Teatum Jones

In a changeable climate it’s prudent to wear shoes that work as well with tights as they do with bare legs; I love my chunky ankle books. I’ve never been much of a fan of flesh coloured hosiery, I’m devoted to my 80-deniers. This is partly because I’m a ham-fisted klutz and I tend to ladder fine, gauzy stockings. Also, a thicker pair can be denuded and shoved in my tote without me having to fret that a rogue pen skulking at the bottom of my bag will ruin them. Just make sure that legs are shaved in preparation for potential sunny spells. Also, a bright lipstick goes a long way to saluting the sun – I’m in love with So Chaud from Mac.

Rosa Hoskins

Rosa is an actress and writer living and working in London. She is also the writer behind Haute Hoskins (, where she talks trends, new designers and vintage fashion with a dash of social commentary.