Celebrate The Gorgeous Weather With Exciting Jewellery By Sarah Angold

Celebrate the gorgeous weather with exciting jewellery by Sarah Angold

Sarah Angold

When we stumbled across Sarah Angold’s jewellery collection at London Fashion Week we couldn’t believe our eyes. What were these amazing, innovative, exciting pieces placed gracefully in front of us? After just a few minutes of research, we were clued up; this brand is just incredible.

We all know that jewellery is an integral part of any outfit. The right necklace can reinvigorate an old dress, the right bracelet can bring a look together and the right earrings can add drama to any hairdo. With fashion forward celebrity clients like Katy B, Cara Delevingne and Kat Graham, Angold’s work is a lot more than just pretty necklaces and chic bags. It is a style revolution, where art meets jewellery. The pieces are made from laser cut acrylic and inspired by mathematical structures and industrial processes. Geometrics have never been so chic!

London jewellery designer Sarah Angold

“I love the collision of hyper-modernity with artisanal craftsmanship. Our collection is unmistakably ‘now’ but feels grounded and authentic”, says Sarah of her collection.

Having studied Constructed Textiles from the Royal College of Art, Sarah then moved to Japan to design concepts cars for Toyota. Upon moving back to London she created lighting installations that inspired her jewellery line. The designer, entrepreneur, inventor, lecturer (and all round fabulous woman) was named in the Evening Standard’s Power 1000 list of influential Londoners in 2013.

Some of our favourite pieces are the breathtaking necklaces, each one as exhilarating as the next.

Sarah Angold jewellery

The Sarah Angold website has a beautiful selection of rings and bracelets too:

Sarah Angold

We never thought a Power Ranger inspired outfit could be chic but Sarah proved us wrong, we cannot get enough of that clutch bag!

This summer is all about the statement necklace, and Sarah Angold makes one hell of a statement; these loud, exciting pieces transform any outfit. Her passion for innovative creations is obvious, especially to Topshop, who got her on board last year to create a diffusion line with their jewellery range, Freedom. The overriding theme in her pieces is sci-fi meets art deco. The gorgeous array of shapes and colours are what make these designs so original. And if that wasn’t individual enough; each piece comes with its own identification number.

If you want to stand out from the crowd this Spring/Summer, check out Sarah Angold’s website: http://www.sarahangold.com/

Annabelle Slator

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