6 Fashion Blogs Every Woman Should Follow

6 fashion blogs every woman should follow

Something Navy fashion blog

If you are anything like us when you need a little break from the daily grind you turn to the internet and all its wonders. And in the last year our favorite way to idle away the minutes is by checking out our favorite fashion blogs. In the last few years, we have seen the rise of the fashion blogger. Young women usually, not necessarily fashion experts but definitely fashion enthusiasts who blog about their style, trends, red carpet roundups as well as just pretty much whatever they are thinking.

But they have huge followings because as much as we are a culture of people obsessed with celebrities and their every move, we love to see our own peers wearing awesome fashion, possibly even more. Look at the mega wattage popularity of Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller. She has a viewership of over 3.5 million viewers per month and got a book deal. She has collaborated with a number of major brands and even starred in an ad campaign for Uniqlo.

“Are bloggers important? Yeah they f–king are. They’re super important,” Kelly Cutrone, former “Hills” star and owner of fashion PR firm People’s Revolution, told The New York Post. “Bloggers are being paid to sit in the front row, and editors aren’t. They’re talent along with reality-TV people and actors.”

Who doesn’t want to just look at pictures of people wearing awesome clothes for a few hours ugh we mean minutes everyday. Here are some of the best fashion blogs out there.


If you just want to stare at beautiful clothes on really beautiful girls and not read a thing then this is the blog for you. Blare Eadie takes stunning pictures and has such a creative way of dressing you can’t help but going back in her archives.

Atlantic-Pacific fashion blog

The Daybook

Sydney Poulton is the stylish mom you have always wanted to be. Her posts are honest, detailed and her pictures are diverse and gorgeous.

Lemon Stripes

Not only does creator Julia Dzafic have great style but she also offers useful tips on styling yourself, your home and having great parties (her Spring Fling party ideas are fab!) Plus, she also has a little boutique!

Something Navy

Arielle Nachami expresses her amazing style on a daily basis on her fabulous blog. This girl conjures up some of the most creative outfits we have ever seen!

The Classy Cubicle

The Classy Cubicle

Yes, it is great to look at all these blogs that show us awesome looks but how many of them can we pull off these in the office? Not too many, unless you work in the coolest office ever. That is why The Classy Cubicle is great. It shows you how to get stylish for work. Nice girls get the corner office and cute outfits too.

The Budget Babe

Did you like that outfit Alison Williams was wearing? Yes. Can you afford it? Probably not. Created by the brilliant Dianna Baros, this savvy and fashionable lady shows you how to steal the most fashionable celebrity looks for half the price and also find the best deals around. This woman keeps you in fashion and with money in your bank account.

Skirt The Rules

Skirt The Rules

Jen Dang’s gorgeous blog shows original and accessible style. She writes, “My personal style philosophy is to keep fashion fresh. I’m a big believer in mixing timeless pieces with pops of color and unexpected details.  Like you, I’m a real girl on a real budget and I hope you join me on my little journey in keeping fashion fun, relatable, and accessible!” Another great gal that falls under accessible but super classy and creative is Kelly Larkin of Kelly in the City. 

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