The London Lookbook: A Favourite From The Oscars

The London Lookbook: A favourite from the Oscars

I’ve developed a bit of a girl crush on Lupita Nyong’o – her talent, eloquence and dramatic beauty earned my attention and admiration. However, it’s her killer style that’s got the gears of my obsession machine going hell-for-leather. Most Hollywood starlets dress beautifully for the red carpet, but they don’t stand out in my humble opinion. Their looks are interchangeable and although undoubtedly beautiful, not particularly distinctive. Lupita is an invigorating breath of fresh air – the bright colours, the directional shapes, the natural hair and makeup make her stand out a mile amongst the cookie-cutter masses. I’ve been dreaming about her beautiful style since the start of the awards season and will be scouring the web for any more sighting of my fashion heroine.

I am of a somewhat obsessive nature; it’s what drives my continual fashion fixation and never-sated hunger for new designers, trends and ideas. The fashion world spins at a fevered pace and there’s always something or someone for me to fixate on, feeding my style compulsion. I acknowledge that a fashion addiction isn’t entirely healthy, but of all the poisons one could be dependent on, style is perhaps one of the least damaging. Alas, my bank manager might disagree with that last statement, so I’ve made an effort to curb my spending habits and wear the clothes that I already have.

This pleated 70’s vintage dress is an old favourite of mine, I bought it on Ebay a few years ago and I’ve worn it again and again. Despite the fact that this dress is very well loved and a little careworn around the edges, I’ve recently become very excited to revisit this look.  It’s pleats and dramatic sweep has a touch of Lupita’s Prada Oscars dress, a very good thing indeed in my book. I’ll be bringing it up to date with my lace bomber jacket from Self Portrait.

Rosa Hoskins

Rosa is an actress and writer living and working in London. She is also the writer behind Haute Hoskins (, where she talks trends, new designers and vintage fashion with a dash of social commentary.