Snag Gwyneth Paltrow’s Active Look With Wellicious

Snag Gwyneth Paltrow’s active look with Wellicious

February is here and we’re feeling certifiably smug that we’ve lasted through January and stuck with our resolutions to involve a little more than running to Pret into our fitness regimes. Our favourite foods this month: broccoli, coconut bars and bananas.

Whilst we’re thoroughly enjoying the feelings of energy, leaner limbs and resounding levels of serenity after undertaking yoga and Pilates alongside the aforementioned “running”, we have to say we’re definitely tired of the lack of attractiveness in our gym wardrobes. An upgrade needed, please.

All we want is to look a little chic whilst clenching our teeth through the longest plank of our lives. In the words of Miranda Priestley, “Am I reaching for the stars here, no!” The very thought of visiting Sports Direct brings us out in hives and we’ve been hard pressed to find fashionable active wear that is functional and practical.

Of course in times of need we look to the stars, in this case that star being Gwyneth Paltrow. Who better than the most toned lady in Hollywood to lead us in the direction of a fabulous active wear brand, Wellicious. Founded by Heike Schnell, the lifestyle brand specialises in eco-friendly Yoga and Pilates clothing, ensuring you look fabulous as you practice your vinyasas. Unlike most active wear brands, their collections take the latest fashion and colour trends for inspiration so you’re able to remain your style savvy self whilst keeping things practical. It’s no wonder they count Gwyneth and Danni Minouge as fans.


Created by the in house design team, each collection incorporates beautiful details and drapes with on trend colours. We love the fabulous SS14 collection, inspired by 80’s dancewear, celebrating the age of strong and active women, in a refreshing spring palette of apple greens, poppy red and crisp whites. Whether it’s the little buttons on the cuff of these grey bottoms or the panels on this vest, every element is considered.

We just adore this mesh vest layered over a sports bra, paired with these slouchy green bottoms for a super fresh look for a weekly Pilates session. When it comes to our Yoga classes, we’re all over this chocolate jumpsuit! Stunning. Just stunning.


Wellicious is steeped in their brand values and their collections are borne out of a true affinity for the activities they cater for. Founder Heike practices yoga every morning and they have their own yoga & Pilates studio at their Notting Hill HQ. Not only are the garments refreshingly fashionable, they are also eco-friendly, creating their collections from GOTS certified organic cotton and manufacturing them in Europe, with a strict stance on fair labour policies.

All products are tried and tested by Wellicious brand ambassadors at their studio, after all, who better to try road test them than experienced yoga and Pilates teachers who completely understand the requirements of active wear. Great for Wellicious as they can ensure that their designs are functional and great for us, as we can be confident that we’re able to remain chic and unflustered as we workout.

For more information or to browse their online yoga shop, visit

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