The London Lookbook: Dressed Up For Thanksgiving

The London Lookbook: Dressed up for Thanksgiving

How to dress for Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is a custom that, thanks to my friend Alice and her American family, has become a yearly tradition amongst my circle of friends. We gather, eat, drink, play games and give thanks. It’s a pre-Christmas event that I always look forward to; we’re all busy with work, partners and family commitments and it’s all to easy for weeks to slip by without seeing each other. Our Thanksgiving dinner is a little pocket of time when we’re guaranteed to spend precious hours together. On top of my list of things I give thanks for are my friends, who have been there to raise a glass to my successes and been on call to provide a sympathetic ear in darker times.

Dressing up for Thanksgiving

What to wear for Thanksgiving dinner

Even though it’s a homely affair my friends and I always dress up for Thanksgiving dinner. Dressing nicely is a way to celebrate and show reverence for times that are treasured. This year I’ve layered my Georgia Hardinge for River Island dress with my structured sweatshirt from Whistles (similar here). For outerwear I’ve chosen my favourite sheepskin chubby that I bought in Topshop a few years ago. Every winter I pull out this old favourite as it hits the sweet spot between glamorous flamboyance and cosy comfort (similar here and here). To add a little more sparkle to the look I’ve worn my silver boots by Reiss. My chain necklace was a gift from my dad for my 23rd birthday.

Thanksgiving outfit

All too often life becomes a dash from one thing to another, the frenzied rush can obscure the value of what we already have. Sadly its irreplaceable worth is only apparent after it has passed by. If only there was a way to know that you’re living in the good old days without the benefit of hindsight.

I’m deeply grateful for the special people in my life; each and every one has remarkable qualities that make me feel blessed to know them. An early New Year’s resolution is to make the time to acknowledge my appreciation, live in the moment and tell my loved ones how very loved they are.

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