My Asho Is The African Fashion Brand You Need In Your Closet

My Asho is the African fashion brand you need in your closet

Want to shop an innovative, online web boutique that is the first of its kind in offering designer collections from the far corners of the world? Then, My Asho is the place for you.

My Asho

Upon realizing that African designers were not receiving enough attention, Dolapo Shobanjo started the company My Asho. Founded in 2009, My Asho is a British web boutique that carries the work of established and up-and-coming African designers, giving them a chance to showcase their creations to a wider audience. Shobanjo explains, “I contacted the top designers, I spoke to them and asked them about their struggle and how difficult it is for them…That’s really how it got started, so to create that credible infrastructure is to show the global demand for the products and that will kick start the productions.”

 My Asho

Taken from the Yoruba word “aso” which means cloth, the site is home to bold prints, unique fabrics, and bright, of the moment colors. After their first year in business, My Asho was receiving unprecedented support from various magazines and bloggers, which led to many of their designers presenting at South African Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. As the demand for the exciting new collections grew, so did My Asho.  In 2013, the company revamped their business model and launched a sister site to the original My Asho, called My Asho Market, which offers more budget conscious pieces without losing out on quality. The pieces available through both sites are limited in quantity, as many items are handmade; guaranteeing exclusive and luxe styles that celebrate individuality. The style speaks to understated tailoring offering versatile wearability while playing with the juxtaposition of incorporating bold, authentic African prints. My Asho is more than an online boutique, it is a complete fashion experience.

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Kimberly Fedele

Kimberly Fedele is a twenty-something fashion enthusiast from Philadelphia. She is the author of the lifestyle blog First, We Shop